With a 21-Hour Tweet Storm, Shervin Pishevar Makes a Long-Awaited Comeback

Although he’s faced an uphill battle in recent years after resigning as CEO from Sherpa Capital, the Silicon Valley venture capital firm he helped found in 2013, Shervin Pishevar has continued to make waves in the tech investment world by supporting companies that offer cutting edge solutions to age-old problems. Having mentored revolutionary tech start-ups like Airbnb and Uber, Shervin Pishevar has undoubtedly earned his place as one of Silicon Valley’s greatest investors, and his fans remain committed to learning from his remarkably original views on role of innovative companies in an increasingly dynamic economy.

So when Shervin Pishevar took to his Twitter account recently to regale his 90,000-plus followers with a 21-hour tweet storm encompassing subjects ranging from the state of crypto-currency investments to the future of the US economy, Pishevar’s fans and critics alike tuned in to Twitter to hear what the master investor had to say. The good news first: Pishevar was optimistic about the ability of Bitcoin to regain its peak value, a message that will be welcome news to Bitcoin fans hoping that the alternative currency will retake its position as one of the best investment opportunities available.

More dour was Pishevar’s view that US markets would take a steep dive of 6000 points in coming months, meaning that investors may have to diversify their portfolios to stay ahead of market turbulence. Indeed, if Pishevar’s predictions are correct, a stock market dive of such proportions could trigger another Great Recession, an outcome from which no stock would be immune.

Whether you find Shervin Pishevar’s economic views inspiring or in want of humility, it’s no secret that the stalwart VC guru has an uncanny ability to see opportunities where other investors only see risky purchases. For Pishevar’s fans and critics alike, that quality makes him a compelling voice in a world that is too often unprepared to make bets on new forms of technology. To many of his fans, Pishevar appears to have a preternatural ability to spot future tech movements before they happen, and this will be reason enough for them to hope for another tweet storm from Pishevar in the near future.