Wes Edens Continues To Build His Investment Portfolio In Different Sectors

The development of the investment portfolio of the founder of Fortress Investments has been moving quickly since the sale of his main brand in February 2017 to Softbank for $3.3 billion. Not only did this provide a boost to the personal fortune of Wes Edens but proved a historic moment as it was the first private equity firm to be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange.

Wes Edens has not stood still since the sale of Fortress Investments, for whom he remains the Co-Chair, but he has embarked on a new life of investing and following the activities which interest him.

One of the aspects of the life of Wes Edens which has come to the fore over the last few years has been the continued interest in sports of the financial specialist. The former skier marked his arrival in the sporting sector in 2014 when he headed a consortium purchasing the Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise. What was less well known was the interest Wes Edens has long held in English soccer, which was revealed in the Summer of 2018 with the purchase of Aston Villa Football Club.

Putting together strategic partnerships has always been the process undertaken by Wes Edens as he moves forward with different options open to him in terms of investing. After deciding to take the plunge into soccer ownership in the U.K., Edens sought out an expert in sports investing in the shape of Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris. Edens brings a large amount of experience in investing in non-traditional investments through his role with Fortress and believes he is an excellent partner for the London-based Sawiris.

The two business partners have spent the majority of their time exploring the options open to them in creating a winning brand at Aston Villa, which shares many similarities with the Milwaukee Bucks. Both clubs have a history of success but have struggled with poor performances and financial issues in the last few years, including more than $100 million in losses since Aston Villa dropped out of the Premier League in 2016.

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