Wen by Chaz Tested for a Week With Unbiased Results for You

You will hear many great things about Wen hair by Chaz, but Bustle is the kind of site that is ready to do a little hands-on investigation to truly understand the product before saying anything about it. Everyone has heard about the great things that Wen by Chaz is meant to do, from completely revitalizing the hair of the user to adding the kind of volume that shows up in various shampoo commercials. Best of all, Wen is meant to do all this goodness with mostly natural extracts.
Wen by Chaz has been promoted on Facebook by none other that Chaz Dean who has been a top hair stylist for years. This man has been able to style stars, left to right and is one of most sought after hair specialist. Dean’s secret weapon whenever he styled someone was his cleansing formula, which helped him bring out the best texture in every one of his client’s hair. This little formula was the basis of what would later be known as Wen by Chaz. Dean sells his products on Guthy Renker and on high end cosmetics stores like Sephora. The product that Emily from Bustle tried for a week.

Emily’s hair has always been okay, but she thought it could use a little improvement, so she was somewhat excited to try out the product. The first few days she noticed that her hair got greasy and dirty almost immediately. This was already a bad sign since she never had to worry about her hair after just one day of cleaning. Emily was surprised after a few days of using the shampoo when her hair was not only clean, it did not get greasy. She also noticed that her hair was a lot fuller and bouncier. It seems like Wen by Chaz does deliver, but the hair might take a little while to adjust to the formula. Check out http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care for Wen hair care products.