I have come across many philanthropies, and for me, Betsy DeVos has stood out to be one of the most committed in philanthropic work, and she has a full interest in the charitable work. What makes her very relevant in the society and well known is that she looks for a solution to solve problems that are faced in the community. She started a charitable organization together with her husband in 1989. Through this foundation, they have given millions of dollars of their wealth. She pursues improvements by handling various non-profitable roles in the society. She’s a shareholder in multiple national and native organizations. I have known her to be the best promoter for the Educational Choice Movement. Her passion for lending a hand to the less fortunate and fighting for the rights of the minority is amazed me. It is out of that desire that she has become the chairman of (AFC) The American Federation for Children. Betsy is also concerned about educational and academic reforms, and the reforming affinity seems to flow in the DNA of her family.

It flabbergasts me how Betsy was able to come out strongly in the charity work. I have come to realize that there was nothing specifically that drew her to being philanthropic at once, but it has been a gradual process. Betsy and her husband started small by just supporting students to pay the tuition fee in Potters House Christian School where they found parents struggling to have their children in school. This charity work developed into a massive commitment to a point they now fund the Porters House insignificant levels. In my point of view, the significant contribution in helping this school steered up the passion in Betsy to think widely about education. She went on and founded an organization that offered a scholarship to the less fortunate families. Am aware that before this foundation, most children would not have the chance they ought to have because their parents earned very low-income which could not sustain them up to the levels the desired.

Betsy has made me know that when it comes to charity work and dealing with the society at large, it all begins at home. Her interested in helping the community in the education sector grew in her because she had children who were going to school and she wasn’t impressed to see her children go to school while their age mates didn’t go to school due to lack of school fees. Betsy thought she had to do something and yes she did something even far much more than she thought. A life lesson that in the course of time I have derived from Betsy is always to consider the future of the less fortunate children and give them gifts of destiny that will leave your legacy in their lives.


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