The Alumni Of The Academy of Art Univeristy

Academy of Art University has been prepping students for the world of art since 1929. The university has infused their academics and courses and training with the innovation to explore and dig up inner creativity in students. The university is in San Francisco. There would be no better place than San Francisco to allow a student to embrace their inner creative abilities.

Nearly ninety years ago an art director and his wife and decided to rent a loft to create a space where creatives could imagine, explore and develop their passion for the arts. Eventually, the owners had to move to a new loft that had room for their growing number of students. They then began to their courses to include advertising, commercial art, cartooning, fashion illustration and lettering & layout. Since then, the university has expanded their academics and reach to students across the world.

The Academy of Art University continues to have a growing number of alumni due to the academic environment they offer to students while they attend the university. The school believes in many great things that lead to students to being very successful alumni. Their is a guiding mission in the way the university operates. First, the university believes in being very inclusive during their admissions. They select students from many backgrounds with various artistic abilities. Second, students learn from the very professionals who practice what they preach and create an inviting atmosphere. Third, the school is largely involved in the San Francisco community. Lastly, the school places high priority on art ethics.

Their alumni have done very many great things in their career upon graduation. From being in films, to being on Broadway, to creating beautiful art masterpieces, to being successful musicians. They have even had a former student to appear on Bachelor In Paradise. Kendall Long is alumni that is a fan favorite on the hit television show. What will become of Kendall Long’s relationship with her bachelor is a much anticipated event for the former art student. Fans are very interested to know if they steamy romance will go beyond entertaining television.