The Chainsmokers Knock Out Their Fifth Big Single Of 2018

On August 21st The Chainsmokers released the music video for their fifth single of 2018. The song is “Side Effects” which features singing talents of American singer-songwriter Emily Warren. The prior four releases of 2018 are “Sick Boy”, “Everybody Hates Me”, “You Owe Me”, and the song “Somebody” which featured Drew Love.

The music video follows a day in the life of a hotel employee played by “Riverdale” actress Camila Mendes. It is directed by Matthew Dillon Cohen who has directed such shorts as “Prune, You Talk Funny” and “Bulldozer”. The video starts out with Camila Mendes’ character getting a call from her boss who informs her that she is going to have to work all weekend. She could simply hunker down but, instead, she pulls off her uniform and begins dancing around to “Side Effects”. This is a bubbly dance pop song that helps her feel better about her situation.

The Chainsmokers next album, Sick Boy, will be their second studio album. They released their first studio album, Memories…Do Not Open, in 2017 and it has been a perennial hit since that time. They are also gearing up for concerts throughout August, September, and October. The first stop after the release of “Side Effects” takes place on August 26th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Alexander “Alex” Pall is a founding member of The Chainsmokers. Later on, Andrew “Drew” Taggert joined this duo and they have had a great deal of international success. Alex Pall is the DJ of this EDM duo while Andrew Taggert is the producer. So far they have released three EPs, 25 singles, 15 music videos, and a studio album. They have also released 35 remixes.

The Chainsmokers first single was “#Selfie” which was released by Dim Mak Records on January 29, 2014. Both Alex Pall and Drew Taggart had seen that the word “selfie” was trending and decided it would be worth making a song about. The song is about a woman at a club who is far more concerned about taking good selfies than anything else going on around her.