Sujit Choudhry and the Constitutional Laws

Background of Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is referred as a professor of law in California university, a law school where he functioned as a dean. He was initially the Cecelia Goetz tutor at New York school of law and also served as the chair at Toronto University. He is a person who is internationally known for power on politics and the constitutional laws. Professor Choudhry exploration reports on many issues of politics and constitutional laws. He has held the post of constitutional advisor for two decades even in conditions including political violence. He has many experiences which include teaching of civil servants, directing stakeholders conference and undertaking advisory jobs with the expert.  Read more of his views on politically related issues, check on

Choudhry’s research talks about various issues in the constitutional law, the design which is used as a tool in the management of evolution from violent encounter to peaceful political democracy. This constitutional design is distributed in societies, delegation and withdrawal, legal courts, formal language plan, marginal and group rights and general procedural queries in the training of comparative constitutional law. More to read on

He has also played the role of extensively writing on Canadian constitutional ruling. The professor has published more than ninety book chapters, reports and articles and has also the executive committee member of the International society of public laws, international advisory board and the technical board advisory of international periodical of constitutional law, Editorial panel of the legal court analysis, adviser of the editor panel for Cambridge studies in constitutional rule and he is also the symbolic member of Indian constitutional rule assessment.  Relevant article to read here.

Positions Sujit holds

Choudhry is the executive of a center for constitutional changes, which produces and mobilizes information in strengthening constitutional construction and principal international networks. Professor has been leading three globally combined research projects and a member of United Nations Mediation Roll and a specialist of the world bank and the United Nations Development Program.   Additional article on

The constitutional changes have operated with over 50 professionals from over twenty-five countries. It also collaborates with a global system for the multilateral administrations. Choudhry has law degrees from Harvard, Oxford, Toronto and was a Rhodes scholar who served as a law clerk to the supreme court chief justice Antonio Lamer.  Follow his tweets, visit his social media page on

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