Shafik Sachedina Leads Sussex Healthcare Towards Excellent Nursing

Retirees have different healthcare needs from time to time. The current senior communities have responded to these needs by providing options that suit every individual. Even though tailored options assist with ensuring that the elderly who need care receive it, the multiple numbers of prospects have made it challenging for people to find the best senior assisted living care facility. Nevertheless, Shafik Sachedina has shaped his career around Sussex Healthcare, one of the world’s leading senior assisted facility.

Leadership Duties

For Shafik Sachedina, compassionate concern for clients alongside the capability to offer physical support to them is of great importance to the whole management. With his leadership, Sussex Healthcare has been running twenty homes while offering exceptional comprehension of clients’ needs. He has also propelled the provision of a broad spectrum of services for clients. These services extend to treating dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, physical and learning difficulties as well as neurological disabilities.

Modernized Approach towards Healthcare

As joint chairman of Sussex, Shafik Sachedina has also led his team towards acquiring a deep understanding of patient’s healthcare needs. Today, Sussex Healthcare offers supportive care for critical areas of life. He provides access to leisure via different participatory social as well as recreational programs that promote good health. Moreover, the facility is dedicated to treating patients through a notable difference made to separate Sussex Healthcare from other senior living assisted facilities.

Career Profile

Besides, Sachedina is the head of the Jamati Institutions. He chairs the department and is in charge of general operations. He is also the head of coordinating projects in Ismaili Institutions. Together with his association with the prestigious Aga Khan Foundation, Sachedina has exuded confidence in leadership and business management.


Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania. He acquired a degree in dental surgery from the prominent London University and later joined Guy’s Hospital of Dental School. Today, he is revered for being an outstanding leader with vast experience in hospitality. Those who aspire to work in this line of career can look up to him since they can borrow some skills to excel. Apart from that, he has changed people’s lives by providing excellent hospitality services.