Prof Sujit Choudhry Law

Sujit Choudhry, a scholar professor who is recognized internationally. In most of his researches, they have been addressing the wide spectrum of issues mostly in politics and comparative Constitution. This is about constitutional design which can be a tool to manage that transition that is between violent conflict and peaceful democratic politics. The constitution is dived into federalism, societies, secession, and decentralization, source (

In the methodology, the question of the study is about the comparative constitutional law. The professor has also written about Canadian constitutional extensively.

The recent publication from Sujit Choudhry is a book chapter that is planned to be released in a constitutional democracies crisis. He has particularly focused on a tweet that was posted by Eric Holder. Erick was former Attorney general who used to work for the United States president Barack Obama. The tweet was published in 2017 December. In the tweet, Eric was calling for any potential termination of Robert, White House Special Counsel and described as an “absolute red line”, check ( Eric also made some suggestions that if anything happens, then peaceful demonstration will ensue. If there was meaningful tamper, then there should be popular, mass, support and peaceful for both. He insisted that American people should be heard and seen and definitively they will be determinative.

According to dissection from Sujit Choudhry regarding the tweet message from Eric, the call for action from Attorney General is a base that is from two concepts, the symbolic which is the “red line” or having uncontroversial constitution boundary in the American democracy. The other concept is where the Attorney leaves to the American people where he will determine whether the officials have abused the authority given to them. Choudhry also underlined that Eric insinuates that it’s upon the reaction from the American people that will determine the way the issue will be solved meaning that the crossing of red line will be reversed or upheld, useful source on

The professor also said that the tweet from Attorney general is built by an idea of the constitution self-enforcement and build around focal point concept. The violation of the constitutional rules doesn’t warrant the court to label it which is a surprise expression from Choudhry, visit