Personalization Without Personality Direct Marketing In A Digital Age

No you’re not crazy and yes your own private concierge works behind the scenes gathering all your very own habits and experiences to bring you personalized and specific content every day. If you have noticed that your favorite websites ads seem to be synced with your latest conversations, you may have met the AI system in charge of your personalized e-commerce experience.

Marketing is the cornerstone of any retailer that means big bucks and big data. Artificial Intelligence the brainchild of the digital age runs autonomous, using algorithms to gather information every time a card is swiped, the receipt printed or search bar inquiry is made which ultimately creates a new unique buying experience.

“If You Are Not Taking Care Of Your Customer, Your Competitor Will.” – Bob Hooey

In such a competitive market where access to information and various products are available the use of Artificial intelligence has taken on a different meaning and of course a more dynamic effect has taken shape.

Artificial Intelligence by its sheer creation is supposed to be able to build on patterns and recognize them before they take shape. When you join that concept with marketing and buying habits the sky is the limit to what it means for the consumer and more importantly the economy as a whole.

The advantage to using Ai comes in many forms to the consumer. According to an article published by Fast Company, 77% of consumers invite the Ai experience. Now an Artificially Intelligent machine may have written that article which poses the question of what is real data and what is artificial?

When you buy products are you being reminded to buy them or is this a suggestion that this product is better than what you currently use. How progressive is the use of Ai in marketing? With The advancement of Alexa and Siri are we as consumers buying into the whole concept of letting our computers think for us or are we on the verge of a new concept based on buying patterns that may result in the day and age of the Terminator?

Many articles I have found speak to the growing success of Artificial Intelligence and the marketing experience. This is disturbing as the concept of Artificial intelligence is being adopted in every aspect of our lives and the only discussion of the threat of Artificial Intelligence is found in specific fields. Yet the only field we all have in common is the field of consumerism.