Perry Mandera: The Voice of the Truckers

Perry Mandera is a dedicated individual who values the importance of the freight transportation industry. He is the founder of the Custom Companies, Inc., a company responsible for transporting goods, cargoes, and all other types of deliveries across the United States. He founded the company in 1986, and since then, he oversees the overall operation of the firm and does everything that he can to ensure the welfare of everyone working for him. He has been in the business for more than 30 years, and his business keeps on growing because of his excellent leadership skills. Perry Mandera is also making sure that the Custom Companies, Inc. would develop its technology to provide better services to their clients who are depending on their services for freight transport. Some of the technologies that were developed for the sole use of the Custom Companies, Inc. are the following:


  1. Cheetah Dispatch – this is a software installed in the system of the Custom Companies, Inc. that allows the sender of the package, the company which delivered it, and the receiver of the package to track down the item’s current location. It is helpful especially for those who are waiting for a package but does not know where it currently is. The receivers of the package can also use their phone and other devices with GPS technology to track down the item real time. It is considered as one of the company’s greatest invention because it makes every transaction faster.


  1. Warehouse Management System – This software allows the customer to check out the location of their items inside various warehouses across the United States. Custom Companies, Inc. is responsible for every package that is being sent by their customers, and the company has to make sure that it will be arriving safely to the address where they wanted it to be delivered (Angel.Co).


  1. Dock Management System – this software can be used once the freight reaches the port. With this software that was developed by Custom Companies, Inc., an individual can track the present location of the item delivered inside the ports, and it can also tell the individual how long it would take for them to receive the item.

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