Paul Mampilly Wins Prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment Award

Paul Mampilly loved the thrill of Wall Street, but not how it wasn’t serving everyone. Former Hedge fund manager, but now a successful research marketing analyst and American investor. His goal was to make sure the hard working guy can get the most out of their paycheck. Mampilly, encourages his clients through transparent financial advice on how to improve their portfolio or invest in their future. In a recent interview with Interview online, he was humble about winning the prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment award. Being competitive in an uncertain economic times living from paycheck to paycheck.

Paul Mampilly, got his start at Bankers Trust, as their well respected portfolio manager. He worked his way up to investment manager with several multi-billion dollar companies on his portfolio. Mampilly, provides advice for people who want to make sound investments. He is widely known for the precise accuracy of his advice about the stock market. He has taken part in the world’s best hedge funds. All this was achieved under his status as Kinetics Assets manager. It was important to say goodbye to fast paced billion dollar deals and stay focused on helping everyday people make money, says Mampilly.

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Profits Unlimited is a newsletter owned and operated by Paul Mampilly and teaches Americans how to invest smart. Subscribers receive profitable new investment options or advice each month. His advice includes how to invest in the food industry with delivery options. He also advises a stake in electric vehicle is a profitable investment. Mampilly says, millions of dollars on bad investment or poor financial advice. This is harder on people living from paycheck to paycheck while trying to invest. He introduces new people to the investment world and gives you a better place to put your paycheck. Learn more about Paul Mampilly from his personal LinkedIn account today.

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