The Lovaganza Announcement that Revealed New Dates for the Global Celebrations

Recently, the global entertainment brand, Lovaganza, unveiled a change in the dates of its highly awaited global celebrations. The celebrations, which were previously scheduled for 2015, are set to take place between the month of May and September in 2020.

The Lovaganza 2020 International Celebrations

The Lovaganza 2020 celebrations, which are propelled by the theme of embarking on a Bohemian adventure, will take place in eight flagship areas around the world simultaneously. Some of the already established locations include Oceania, Asia, America, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Lovaganza expects the celebrations to display all the cultures of the world through revolutionary and overwhelming entertainment derived from live events or performances, numerous exhibitions, immersive attractions and motions pictures just to name a few.

Lovaganza pushed the events to 2020 to make better utilization of emerging entertainment technologies and integrate new innovative concepts in a bid to realize the experience of being part of distinct cultures around the globe. An exceptional Hands Across the World ceremony will mark the close of the four months events.

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Preparation Plans for 2020 Celebrations

The Traveling show, which is the preliminary schedule for 2020, is expected to start in 2017 with a mission to promote the anticipated celebrations. During the Traveling Show on, Lovaganza plans to showcase a sample of its cinematic glasses-free 3D experience around the globe. Further, the Traveling show will host the release of three top motion pictures to be displayed in 2D and 3D theaters. The filming of the motion pictures trilogy has already started in various countries such as United States, France and Spain before resuming in other parts of the world including India and Africa.


The Lovaganza planning and branding protocols are structured in two different divisions, which comprise of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise as well as The Lovaganza Foundation. The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is an entertainment brand designed for profit purposes. It comes up with global entertainment derived from the discovery of every culture’s unique ancient knowledge, customs as well as beauty. It develops its entertainment in a bid to inspire humanity towards abundance, unity and peace.

On the other hand, the Lovaganza Foundation is a non-profit entity that plans to open officially in 2018.The official opening is scheduled for 2018 in a bid to be well-compliant and prepared in every aspect and all locations. It aims at utilizing the visibility, success and accomplishments of Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise to deliver positive impact while supporting regional as well as global initiatives around the globe.

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Doe Deere and Her Accomplishments

Makeup is often considered to be a girl’s best friend as it comes in different textures and colors that can accentuate the beautiful features and bright eyes of every man or woman that wears makeup. One of the recent awarded innovators in the makeup industry is Doe Deere, a businesswoman and entrepreneur, who has dedicated her life to creating a unique makeup product that changes the way customers use makeup. Doe Deere’s business of Lime Crime gives customers a unique product that uses bright hues to accentuate the beautiful features in everyone. These bright hues can be applied to the cheeks, eyes, as well as to the lips to give off a positive attitude when in public.

Doe Deere, the innovator behind Lime Crime started her business in 2008 as a side business to selling clothes that she sewed herself on eBay. Doe Deere created the makeup to accentuate the already bright clothes that she made. As a result of the immediate success of the initial product that she sold, her first official product that was sold under the name of Lime Crime was a lipstick that came in many different bright colors. Since then, all of the products have not only been created by Doe Deere, but have also been tested by Doe Deere. No product of Lime Crime has used animal products or have ever involved animal cruelty within the company. By 2012, the Lime Crime products were even to Vegan standards.

The name Lime Crime emerged at the very beginning of the success of the company. Doe Deere, a bright and vibrant entrepreneur, wanted a name that would be memorable and that would embody the essence of what her company sells. Doe Deere specifically chose the color lime as it is one of her favorite colors to use on the face as it accentuates many beautiful features on the face.

Doe Deere’s interest in makeup is a result of her creative upbringing. Ever at the early age of nine, Doe Deere remembers playing with her friends and dressing up in the brightest clothes they could find. To accentuate the bright clothes, Doe Deere would add her own touch of makeup to the look that would be a sight to see. Though Doe Deere admits she was not the professional that she is now, the creative gene has always been a part of her and her business decisions.

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Meet the Doll Maker and Instagram Star Hacked by Richard Prince

Latino Sensation Norka Luque Is One Of The Best Singers In Music Today

What makes a good singer great? The music people think talent, exposure, help, and luck are the defining qualities that separate good from great. Those qualities are important, but there is something invisible, something subjective and something spiritual that creates greatness. Not all singers have all the qualities, but Venezuelan singing artist Norka Luque has all of them and more. Norka is destined to be one of the top Latino singers of all time, according to people like Emilio Estefan, Luigi Giraldo, and Archie Pena. Those men should know. That have worked with the top female vocalists in the Latino community for years. Estefan married Gloria Fajardo. Fajardo became Gloria Estefan, one of best Latino singers of all time. Emilio, Archie, and Luigi have also worked with Shakira, Natalia Jiménez, and Gloria Trevi as well as other great Latino artists. The three men agree that Norka Luque is destined to be the next Gloria Estefan even though their music preferences are completely different.

Norka was born in Venezuela, and she grew up in Caracas. Her idol was Shakira when she was younger, and she promised herself she would meet Shakira one day. Norka made that promise come true when she recorded her first album with Emilio and his team. Norka also met Gloria Estefan, and they became friends. The critics loved Norka’s first album. The first single released from that album put her in contention for the best female vocalist of the year award, in 2011. The second cut from the album stayed on the music charts in the United States, South America, and Puerto Rico long enough to give Norka national exposure in all of those markets.

Great singing artists are not defined by one album. Great artists have several albums in the marketplace and Norka is working toward that end with Estefan and company. But it’s easy to get burnt out in the music business. In order to be recognized concerts, guest appearances on local and national TV and positive articles must be part of the everyday grind to the top where everyone knows your name and your music. Norka isn’t stopping till she gets there.

Norka knows that patience and good advice are the keys to success. She learned how to be patient when she was in France going to school, and she learned how to follow good advice from her parents that pushed her to take vocal and piano lessons. Norka Luque has all the ingredients to be a superstar. All she needs is a little more time.

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Beauty Writer Experiences Who What Where and WEN by Chaz for Hair Care

Your crowning glory is very important, especially if you’re a woman. The more good hair days you have, the happier and more confident you appear. That’s why the proper hair care routine is essential, and the products on store shelves at the moment, aren’t doing you any favors.

Just ask beauty blogger Emily McClure. She will tell you that her mane is naturally fine, greasy and unruly and that she really dreams about Hollywood hair. Emily battles her limp locks daily and decided to try the famous WEN by Chaz no-lather shampoo system for fabulous, shiny tresses.

WEN‘s a well-respected brand that’s loved around the world. Chaz Dean is the popular west coast stylist-to-the-stars who invented the WEN by Chaz system. He removed the harmful sulfates from lather shampoos and gooey conditioners and replaced them with a one-bottle treatment full of natural, healthy botanical. WEN delivers incredible, shine, bounce and strength to hair of any type. He sells his products exclusively on Amazon and high end cosmetics stores like sephora.

Emily planned on a 7-day personal WEN hair challenge and snapped daily photos of her hair and kept a hair log. She chose the FIG cleansing conditioner and hopped into the shower for her daily wash.

Emily loved the feel of the unique cleansing conditioner, because it made her hair soft to the texture. After she blow-dried and styled, she was impressed with the results. The hair selfies Emily took show a lovely woman with hair that looks super shiny, big and has movement. When Emily met her friends one evening for drinks, they could all tell immediately that Emily had new and improved hair.

Emily concluded that Wen gives superior results if you can stick to the daily AM WEN wash. If you go off the routine, your locks will not look as bouncy. Still, a wonderful experience for Emily.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Poised for Comeback

After what might have resulted in a total closure of Goettl Air Conditioning, new owner Ken Goodrich was able to make a way for the company. Initially the quick expansion of the company was done without a stable and clear plan, leading to confusion, business marketing that was not standard throughout the business, and a lack of leadership. Goodrich saw the potential and knew that Goettl had always been a name that was respected in the community, so he decided to take a risk and rebrand the company.

Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation

In less than two years Goettl has been turned around, restructured, and is once again competing for a fair share of the market. Goettl has been a family brand for decades, a respected family brand that grew from just a single store to the regional chain that it is today. Servicing both residential and commercial properties, Goettl’s servicemen and women are well trained and versed in all areas of HVAC installation and repair. With the new measures that have been put in place Goettl customers can expect the the best in service and customer service from the technicians that answer the call.

New owner, Ken Goodrich understands how vital the community’s trust in a company is, because without them there is no company to run. For this reason, Goettl has invested to several areas of the community. Everything from educational scholarships to new home owner guides have been created and made available in order to re-establish any trust in the company that was lost, or questioned. There is still plenty of local competition, but the company is now poised to compete at the same level as it once did prior to its decline in customer service for air conditioning. Clients serviced prior to purchasing the company are being revisited with complimentary service to ensure their units are properly running.

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Austin Will Always Be Home For Dr. Jennifer Walden

Austin is one of the nation’s fastest growing cities. This part of Texas is where people come to find a thriving arts scene was well as many business and educational opportunities. One Texas resident who knows just how much Austin has to offer is Austin native Dr. Jennifer Walden. Walden tells Austin MD Magazine why she has returned right back where she started to begin an all new medical practice. The doctor grew up in the area and then decided that it was her ideal home. As so many other residents know, this is one part of the world that makes it easier than ever to combine raising children with a career that is satisfying for her and her many happy patients as well.

A Great Education

Before becoming a doctor, Walden had to find the right path for her. Even when she was small, she knew that medicine was going to be her field. She found that field of biology called to her own mind and her own talents. As she grew, she began to realize that she could do well in the field and have her pick of which particular area of medicine held the most fascination for her personally. This is why Walden decided on the field of plastics. Plastics allows her to directly help patients look and feel better. It also allows her to be part of a field where she knows she can truly make a difference in the lives of her many happy patients.

Opening Up A Practice

After graduating from the University of Texas, she was given the chance to further complete her education in New York City. Yet, still she wanted to return home. While New York City was ideal to help her learn more about her intended field, it was not her home. That home was Austin and that was where she came back. After giving birth to two healthy twin boys, she knew that her best shot at making an ideal life for them was to be back in Austin with her family. She remains extremely happy with her decision.


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Adam Goldenberg: An Eye for Success

JustFab is the home of the breakout athletic leisure fashion company Fabletics. This is the perfect way to shop from home. You simply buy something you like and become a member. After filling out a personal taste questionnaire, a personal fashion assistant will curate a small collection for you. You can select one, all of them or simply opt out for that month. It’s a great way to get a put together look without worry. This new way to approach fashion is the brainchild of Adam Goldenberg.

An Early Eye for Business

Adam Goldenberg’s rush toward success started very early. While most 13-year-old boys spend their Bar Mitzvah money on games, clothes and entertainment, Adam Goldenberg invested his into his future. Adam Goldenberg founded an online bulletin board service. In two year’s time he had turned his service into a company for gaming enthusiasts called Gamer’s Alliance.

In 1997 this young company was acquired by Intermix president and founder, Brett Brewer. Brewer had no idea that his new accusation was headed up by a savvy 17-year-old. After some brief time spent debating, Brewer took on the borderline-prodigy Goldenberg. Goldenberg quickly repaid his trust. By age 19, he was the newest COO of Intermix. He was the youngest person to ever reach COO of a publicly traded company.

A Taste for Fashion

Adam Goldenberg has always had an eye for beauty trends and the casual fashion world. He has several other people first founded Intelligent Beauty. This company focused hard on the e-commerce world and direct-to-consumer brand building in the personal health and beauty markets.

By 2010 Adam Goldenberg was ready for a new challenge. He was ready to enter the fashion world. JustFab was born. In just one year he and his cohorts had earned to loyalty of four million members. In two years time he had six million members. Others had begun to take notice. He was able to raise 76 million dollars in funding from Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners and Intelligent Beauty by June of 2012.

His company’s success has him in the mood to expand his business model. He realized that many of his members are also parents. Adam Goldenberg bought up a similar subscription fashion service for children, now called FabKids. In May of 2013, he acquired The Fab Shoes, a European fashion e-commerce site. Now JustFab even has its own brick and mortar store! The future is bright for Adam Goldenberg. See:

Helane Morrison’s legal war against corruption.

Helane Morrison a graduate of B.s in Journalism from Northwestern University in Chicago, Hilnois and Jurist Doctor Degree from the University of California at Berkely, school of Law, is passionate to fight and expose corruption. She began her law practice while at the University of California School of Law, where she served as chief of the California Law review. This gave her the experience to continue practicing law. From the editor-in-chief of the California Law review, Morrison joined many other firms among them are; Law clerk for Hon.Richard Posen of the US Court of Appeals for Seventh District, Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk& Rabkin Law firm.
Morrison’s legal practice focuses on business litigation and defense of private securities actions and matters dealing with the SEC. The comes from her principle of uploading basic ethics and morally upstanding values and makes her consistently stand against deceptive corporate crimes and expose those who take advantage of power to get unjustified financial gains like the morally bankrupt brokers in the financial sector scandals. The business influence during the economic crisis of 2007 where many financial institutions were funding themselves without considering the worsening economic conditions and left many of the institutions at the mercy of the government bailout got Helane Morrison’s strongest opposition. She used a proactive approach to stop the raising the unemployment levels which made people lose trust in the institutions.
She gained full legal practice experience while working with Blackmun and used it plus her good academic qualification to pursue social righteousness just like Blackmun did. Later she applied the skills at the SEC to ensure that all businesses under her jurisdictions; North California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and North Nevada, observed utmost transparency. While at SEC, Helane provided defense for defrauded senior citizens, uncovered the illegal sale of fraudulent securities to military personnel, headed the financial fraud investigations against top-tier Fortune 500 executives, exposed the illicit destruction of audit papers by Ernst and Young auditors and facilitated the eradication of the insider trade.
Currently, Morrison is the Managing Director, Principal, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Member of Executive Committee of Hall Capital Partners LLC. This investment law firm manages the finances of wealthy families in the US under the management of women, focuses on educating women about the importance of being tough, adaptable to survive and thrive.

Goettl Air Conditioning: Ken Goodrich Mindful of Heat on Pets

Ken Goodrich has spent a lot time dealing with air conditioning at Goettl and of course, the heat that requires us to use it. He is a thoughtful man and if he can pass down the wisdom from all of his years of his experience, he is more than happy to do so. That is why the company has been in business for so long and so successful. They truly care about their customers and go above and beyond the call of duty to help in any way they can when it comes to air conditioning needs. One thing that pet owners can sometimes forget and it is not on purpose is the effect that heat can have on animals.

Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat
It is a very dangerous thing and not something to take lightly. Because Ken Goodrich has experience in the air conditioning field, he is ripe with great ideas to help your pets enjoy a stress-free and cool summer, just like the rest of us. After all, we all love the summer and all that comes with it. However, there are some really, really hot days and we need to prepare for them, especially when it comes to our animals. Because they cannot communicate to us directly, we have to look for signs and be ready for whatever the day brings in terms of temperature.

When it comes to garages, it is best to keep them away from it all together, as it presents many dangers. As far as grooming our animals, sometimes we put it off, and that isn’t the best thing to do. The more we groom them, the less fur they will have to contend with on a day-to-day basis. Also, make sure you change their water if you see it becoming warm and you can even drop an ice cube in it. They need to stay hydrated.

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Securus Releases Copies Of Complaints Levied Against Prison Phone Carrier GTL’s

Dallas-based Securus Technologies [see their company profile] is releasing a series of reports regarding a number of fraud allegations against Global Tel Link (GTL). In PR Newswire’s article, the carrier, which provides telecommunications services for the Louisiana Department of Corrections and other law enforcement entities, is the subject of a scathing investigation. The carries is accused of defrauding many customers and involved in a number of system and integrity breaches.

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Securus, also a provider of law enforcement technology and communication services, sees this as an opportunity to embarrass the company into getting its act together. “We are in the business to provide a service to our customers, not defraud them,” said Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith.

The wrongdoings, which were found during an extensive investigation by Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC), highlight a systematic pattern of cheating customers and providing subpar services.

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The LPSC has received numerous complaints from clients regarding widespread problems with GTL. Some of the problems listed: Vast overcharging of calls, double-billing calls, unlawfully advancing clocks to pad time and artificial inflation of charges. These practices have cost the taxpayers in the state of Louisiana over $1.2 million.

The wrongdoings by GTL have gone unchecked for nearly 20 years. “The fact that it is being brought up now shows me something very insidious is going on,” said Smith. Many other industry CEOs have echoed Smith’s statements by refusing to stand by while GTL tarnishes the industry.

“Something should have been done about this a long, long time ago,” said one industry official. “People have been complaining about these guys forever.”

Smith says his company will continue to release documentation on the issues regarding GTL until something is done to solve the issue. “This is atrocious behavior and it represents the ultimate in scamming and bad behavior,” said Smith.

Phone calls to GTL have gone unanswered.

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