How Eli Gershkovitch has Placed Canadian Craft Beer on the Global Map

Canadian breweries made an impressive show in the 2017 US Open Beer Championship with a total of 24 awards, ten of which were gold medals. The top spot categories featured during the event included Vegetable Beer, Berlin-Style Weisse, and American-Style Fruit Beer where the Ontario Brewery appeared among the top ten breweries of the year. Canada’s influence in the global beer industry is growing steadily with experienced brew-masters gradually putting the country on the map by reshaping beer-production processes and developing exciting and unique lagers, ales, and pilsners.

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Among the pioneers putting Canadian beer on the global map include Eli Gershkovitch; the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Steamworks Breweries. He was recognized as a leading contender at the 2017 Open Beer Championship where he put Canadian craft beer at the top. Since 1995, Eli has been brewing original beer in the historic Gas-town neighborhood when craft beer was still unheard of by most local drinkers.


Before starting his breweries, Eli traveled throughout Europe and observed the transformative drinking landscape. One of the visits was to a microbrewery in Heidelberg, Germany where he sampled concoctions that were far better than the familiar flavors found on Canadian craft. Although Eli did not abandon his passion as a lawyer immediately, he kept thinking about his Europe experiences. This eventually influenced his emergence as one of Canada’s pioneering and most influential brew-masters (MontrealGazette).


Eli Gershkovitch started his first brewpub in 1995 based in Gastown. This became Canada’s revolutionary establishment that involved steam-powered brewing. As a lawyer, Eli was able to get through the legal complexities and also registered his original brews. Once the public discovered, the Streamworks Brew Pub became a major Vancouver hotspot for visitors and locals. The pub enabled Eli expand his business to include many other local businesses offering Streamworks beer. Eli Gershkovitch spends his time trying to perfect and improve each brew before delivering it to the public (


Dr. Mark Holterman at His Best

Despite having several demanding positions in big institutions, Dr. Mark Holterman dedicates time and energy to charitable organizations. He supports the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. An organization that aims at improving pediatric surgical care. This organization depends on well-wishers to run its mission ( Volunteers provide services like lectures, surgeries and such under IPSAC-VN’s name. The team ensures that all their volunteers are qualified by asking for their professional licenses and curriculum vitae before accepting them. The volunteers are expected to cater for all their expenses while in Vietnam.


The joint venture

Dr. Mark Holterman is a member of the American Diabetes Association. His passion for finding the cure for chronic illness and helping children encouraged the joint venture between ADA and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The two institutions are working together to help reduce the increase of type 2 diabetes among children and teenagers. Several programs are set to educate children between eight and sixteen years, on healthy eating and ways to keep diabetes at bay. The two organizations are the best at tackling the issue as both specialize in the area. They also have qualified professionals like Dr. Holterman who are good at their work.


About Dr. Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman has over twenty-five years’ experience in clinical care. He believes that with hard work, the advancement of medicine and technology will bring the long-awaited solution in the medical industry. Currently, Dr. Holterman is the Chief Medical Officer of Mariam Global Health, a pediatric surgeon at OSF HealthCare and a surgery and pediatrics professor at the University of Illinois. Dr. Mark Holterman worked at the Rush University Medical Center as an attending pediatric surgeon and the Surgeon-in-chief at Advocate Christ Children’s.


After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in General Biology from the Yale University, Dr. Mark Holterman attended the University of Virginia and graduated with an MD and a Ph.D. in Medicine and Immunology (Behance). Dr. Holterman did his residency in general surgery at the University of Virginia Health Sciences. After that, he did a fellowship in pediatric surgery. His dedication and efforts have seen him be a top pediatric surgeon in the state.


Glen Wakeman’s Career Success and Mentorship of CEOs

Glen Wakeman created Launchpad Holdings LLC as a way to help business owners develop actionable plans. Wakeman believes that not all people understand that an idea is not a plan which led him to provide a solution. Wakeman is also a writer, spending his efforts creating blog posts on fiscal matters, strategy, and emerging markets. Launchpad Holdings was co-founded by Glen Wakeman in 2015. He has a background in business and finance, graduated from the University of Scranton with a BS in economics and finance. He also received an MBA from the University of Chicago. Afterwards, Wakeman accepted high-level executive positions at GE Capital and Doral Bank.

Glen wakeman

The roles he has accepted have provided him a great deal of experience and Business Development as well as profit and loss. Wakeman is also known for developing a popular methodology outlined in five steps. The five performance Dimensions as defined by Wakeman are human capital, leadership, execution, governance, and risk management.


In more recent times, Glen Wakeman is a mentor, catering to C-level executives providing them with startup guidance, divestitures, entry into new markets, M&As, and growth. The steps that he provides allows a company to be more agile overall and on an individual level. His 5-step methodology helps businesses align vision, prepare for change, allow for constructive dissent, and the integration of Technology process and people.


Wakeman is also the president and the founder of a business accelerator called Nova Four. The accelerator caters to entrepreneurs who are in the formation stage of company development. Glen Wakeman Works directly with CEOs as a coach and serves on boards in order to help the company maintain the improvements that they’ve made using his methodologies.

The book he recommends others to read is the Art of War. He states that the book is filled with wisdom and strategy that applies to the real world. The lessons in the book apply to discipline, teamwork, and preparation. Wakeman has been asked what the best $100 that he ever spent was for. He stated that he bought a Spanish language course which allowed him to date his Argentinian wife. Wakeman believes his curiosity is his most productive trait. Wakeman was questioned what he would do differently if had to start his career all over again and this is what he mentioned.He wishes he had stayed in better contact with friends and associates over the years but finds that social media helps a great deal.

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Eric Lefkofsky Aims to Defeat Cancer by Crunching the Numbers

Eric Lefkofsky has always been a man interested in data, but it wasn’t until his wife was diagnosed with the disease that he sat up and took notice of the lack of data available in the study and treatment of successful cancer treatments.

Sitting in various clinics as his wife was undergoing treatment left Eric with many questions for the medical staff, however, his questions were answered by blank stares due to lack of data on hand. One may wonder what data Lefkofsky was in search of because the average person doesn’t think of data while escorting their loved ones to cancer centers, but he did. Comparable data amongst patients with the same type cancers was rare if not undocumented at all. Data such as, why do only 60% of patients respond to certain chemotherapies or what age bracket are they in? Perhaps the medications they are already on are impacting them somehow? These and many more questions drove Eric Lefkofsky to find a solution so that cancer patients could receive accurate and therefore effective treatments.

The Journey of Tempus Begins

As a co-founder of Tempus, Erics goal was to answer his own questions in order to help the researchers and clinicians who treat cancer patients everyday. He voiced his concerns over the lack of a data base by stating, “The underlying infrastructure that researchers and clinicians were relying on was broken.”
Tempus therefore evolved naturally to help fix a broken medical data system. Tempus had the resources and the desire both personally and as a philanthropic endeavor to help find a better way to treat cancers.

Erics desire to help fix this broken data system led to his decision to use his expertise with data collection, streamline it, fill in all the important blanks and share this information with the medical community so that they in turn could treat cancer efficiently for individuals and do it faster too. To learn more about us: click here.

Eric Lefkofsky may have begun his journey to help one person but in real time he is helping individuals who are suffering from cancer to lead more rewarding lives while being treated.

Paul Mampilly Wins Prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment Award

Paul Mampilly loved the thrill of Wall Street, but not how it wasn’t serving everyone. Former Hedge fund manager, but now a successful research marketing analyst and American investor. His goal was to make sure the hard working guy can get the most out of their paycheck. Mampilly, encourages his clients through transparent financial advice on how to improve their portfolio or invest in their future. In a recent interview with Interview online, he was humble about winning the prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment award. Being competitive in an uncertain economic times living from paycheck to paycheck.

Paul Mampilly, got his start at Bankers Trust, as their well respected portfolio manager. He worked his way up to investment manager with several multi-billion dollar companies on his portfolio. Mampilly, provides advice for people who want to make sound investments. He is widely known for the precise accuracy of his advice about the stock market. He has taken part in the world’s best hedge funds. All this was achieved under his status as Kinetics Assets manager. It was important to say goodbye to fast paced billion dollar deals and stay focused on helping everyday people make money, says Mampilly.

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Profits Unlimited is a newsletter owned and operated by Paul Mampilly and teaches Americans how to invest smart. Subscribers receive profitable new investment options or advice each month. His advice includes how to invest in the food industry with delivery options. He also advises a stake in electric vehicle is a profitable investment. Mampilly says, millions of dollars on bad investment or poor financial advice. This is harder on people living from paycheck to paycheck while trying to invest. He introduces new people to the investment world and gives you a better place to put your paycheck. Learn more about Paul Mampilly from his personal LinkedIn account today.

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Bringing positive change through global activism

Avaaz is a name meaning voice.It is an organization that was founded in 2007 for the purpose of bringing change through activism. Avaaz has a presence in over 30 countries and continues to campaign for the betterment of human life.

Avaaz was started by a number of co-founders who include Jeremy Heimans, Ricken Patel, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser MoveOn Executive Director, Australian entrepreneur David Madden, Andrea Woodhouse, and Tom Pravda. The board that currently oversees Avaaz is headed by Ricken Patel the current president.

This group does not depend on organizations or corporations for funding but rather encourages its own members to contribute in order for it to be able to achieve its goals.This was designed in order to ensure that the organization continues to be fully independent and at no time be under the influence of the financiers or governments.

Avaaz has continued to empower millions of people by taking action on different areas such as corruption, poverty, conflict and climate change. Based on a model internet organizing paradigm it has been able to reach thousands of individuals and consolidate their efforts, however small.

The Avaaz group has been able to launch campaigns in 15 languages and in the process reach six continents. Their main form of campaign strategies are through funding media campaigns, the signing of petitions, direct actions, emailing and lobbying those in power and government representatives.

Avaaz prides itself in having flexibility in the way it tackles diverse issues meaning it can be able to tackle a broad number of concerns at once in different areas or countries as long as they affect the general population.

They have been able to become more consolidated and avoid fracturing over time the belief that people might disagree on specifics but still have the same shared goal enables Avaaz to put the responsibility of choice of participation by individual members rather than coercion.

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Omar Yunes takes over the Franchise Industry

Omar Yunes is the founder of Sushi Itto which was awarded as the best Franchisee of the World Competition. The awarding ceremony took place in Italy on December 5th, 2014. The main reason for his awarding was mainly due to his contribution towards the building of the brand. Omar Yunes started entrepreneurship at a very young age. At only 21 years old, he already owned a Japanese food chain franchise. His business franchise has completely grown, and today he has over ten units spread across Mexico. Omar Yunes has employed over 4000 people in these units, and they get a decent salary to support their families comfortably. Benjamin Cancelmo is the current CEO of the franchise chain owned by Omar Yunes, and he has shown remarkable leadership qualities over the years.

The awarding event carried out in Italy attracted prominent representatives from more than 30 countries. Some of the noticeable countries that attended the event include Brazil, France, Italy, and Portugal. The awarding criteria mainly focused on several key elements which included the network of the franchise especially on how it has influenced the business and its contribution in term of knowledge, employee motivation and efficiency. The event was headed by Diego Elizarrarrás who was also the event organizer. According to Diego, Omar always promoted seeing a better relationship between different franchises. He did these by ensuring healthy competition and providing a better management that has had an impact even on the competitors.

The award was considered to be a united front to offer consumers with better services. The order also focused on several other leadership skills such as innovation, teamwork, and enhanced constant improvement. This is one of the efficient ways to enhance quality service delivery in the franchise industry. The selection is first carried out at the country level before being done on an international platform. The process shows the development of the Omar Yunes work. He was able to win both on the national scale and at the international level. He competed with the best of the best in the world. Omar Yunes has been able to retain his top position mainly because of his commitment to achieving maximum customer satisfaction, patience, and resilience.

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Agora Financial Keeps Investors Informed

Agora Financial is a company that has made it easy for people to make better investment decisions. This company has become one of the financial literacy companies that people look to for market trends and information on what it takes to maximize their portfolio.

Many people have become fans of Agora Financial because this is a company that has analysts that are willing to travel. These analysts take the time to actually find out what is happening in the investment world. They are not stuck behind a desk, twiddling their thumbs waiting for a chance to look at stock tips on a computer. To the contrary, Agora Financial analysts are in place to see what new companies are developing. This is a company that has boots on the ground when it comes to new startups that are going to change lives. These are the companies that investors need to take a look at, but many of them are unaware that these companies are even being formed. That is why it takes a company like Agora Financial to put things in place. Click here to know more.

What Agora Financial essentially does is makes it easier for investors to get a better grip on the market. There are a lot of Investments to consider, but there are only a few that are actually going to make a portfolio better for an investor. What Agora Financial does is provide the information that gives investors a better perspective. That gives investors a better chance to see exactly what they need to put their investments in.

The ambitious investor that is interested in investing wisely will choose a company like Agora Financial for acquiring their financial literacy. This is going to be the best way to actually get information before it becomes widespread to the rest of the investors.

Up-Close With Todd Lubar As He Delves Into the Secrets behind His Success

Todd Lubar is widely considered to be a prominent entrepreneur in the U.S. Aside from managing various successful enterprises. Mr. Lubar has proven to be a force to reckon with courtesy of his keen business acumen and insightful leadership. A recent sit-down with Arthur Becker helped unmask the man behind the stellar reputation and influential businessman. Just like most entrepreneurs, Lubar spent considerable time pursuing education at renowned institutions such as the Syracuse University upon which he attained crucial skills needed to effectively pursue various business interests. Prior to holding the President’s position at TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar exuded unyielding commitment to excellence by working his way up from his first position at Crestar Mortage Corporation upon the completion of college education.

Having impressed at the top of his abilities, Lubar moved on to Legacy Financial group in Arlington, Texas where his intellectual skills played a critical role in the generation of several hundred millions annually in loan volumes.

How Todd Lubar Ventured Into Business and His Main Source of Motivation

Having gained adequate experience in credit and finance, Lubar has always maintained a soft spot for helping people in need. As such, he incorporated his approach in various business ventures aimed at helping customers get rid of various obstacles on their path to success. These initiatives ultimately led to the formation of RELIEF, which generally focuses on providing consumers with what they seek.

How He Makes Money

Todd Lubar’s business model primarily focuses on generating profit with the type of business he pursues. In essence, he strives on taking action on various business proposals. More importantly, his essential knowledge in finance and real estate has also played a vital role in meeting set goals and objectives. Read more on

Grace Period to Be Covered Before Making Profit

Nothing good comes easy in life according to Todd Lubar. Such a philosophy reiterates that every accomplishment is only possible through hard work executed over time.

Todd Lubar’s Most Trusted Marketing Strategy

Todd Lubar firmly believes in the power of internet while promoting his business. However, he strongly advises customers to be on the lookout for scam artists masquerading as genuine entrepreneurs. To avoid falling victim, Lubar encourages clients to conduct a thorough investigation and run background checks before settling on a particular service provider.

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How Life Line Screening Improves Lives

Life Line Screening is privately run and deals with the early detection of diseases before they reach critical stages. Life Line Screening company founded in 1993, and it is based in Austin, Texas. Life Line Screening was established in Florida by Collin Scully and Timothy. The company has since expanded across the United Kingdom and USA. Life Line Screening has also partnered with numerous insurance companies, hospitals, as well as organizations like Mission Hospital, Ameriplan, and Carolina Vascular among others. Life Line Screening’s mission is to make individuals aware of unrecognized issues health issues after, which the firm encourages individuals to seek care and treatment with their physician. Besides, the organization has a vigorous marketing campaign and publications that help in reaching out the present benefits Life Line Screening.

Life Line Screening has carried out various pieces of medical research. For instance, the company conducted a clinical research that used data from three million participants who were evaluated for the presence of AAA using ultrasound imaging. Besides, the firm had partnered with Oxford University to conduct clinical research on cardiovascular diseases such as abdominal aortic aneurysm between 2008 to 2012 across Ireland and the United Kingdom. Life Line Screening is different from the standard checkup or yearly physical in that it utilizes a unique algorithm. The algorithm considers each patient’s fitness for screening before the tests are done.

The Testing That Life Line Screening Offers

Life Line Screening has a wide variety of non-invasive screening methods to evaluate the risk factors of each patient as well as the likelihood of suffering from cardiovascular issues. Some of these tests include screening for osteoporosis and ultrasounds that are painless for carotid arteries and abdominal aorta. Also, Life Line Screening has ultrasounds of the brachial ankle index, which helps in knowing when a patient is suffering from a peripheral vascular disease. Moreover, the company has EKG screenings to detect the probability of suffering from types of strokes known as atrial fibrillation. Furthermore, Life Line Screening carries out a wide variety of blood tests that can be used various cardiovascular issues early even before they cause symptoms.

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