Beto O’Rourke And End Citizens United Challenging Ted Cruz For The Senate

One of the most important elections in 2018 is it taking place in the state of Texas. Nobody thought that Ted Cruz could lose his Senate seat, but Beto O’Rourke is turning people’s heads. In fact, the upstart from El Paso, Texas, is in a virtual tie in the latest poll.

O’Rourke is frightening establishment Republicans. Donald Trump tweeted that he would hold a rally in the biggest stadium in Texas in order to back Ted Cruz’s reelection. And Ted Cruz has already attacked the good-looking young man from El Paso. Ted Cruz aired a commercial attacking O’Rourke for using the name Beto which is a common South Texas contraction for his real name of Robert. It’s incredibly ironic as Rafael is Cruz’s actual first name while Ted it is a contraction for his middle name of Edward. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase

But the big fight centers around the role that money plays in politics. O’Rourke is backed by a group called End Citizens United while Ted Cruz is backed by giant oil companies. O’Rourke does not take donations from corporations while Ted Cruz’s takes as much as he can.

It seems that O’Rourke will be ready to fight for the people when he shows up in Washington. On the other hand, Ted Cruz looks like he’ll fight for the big corporations that pay his bills. Some of those businesses aren’t even in Texas.

End Citizens United has gotten behind the right candidate. O’Rourke promises to fight against the consequences of the disastrous Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United. The decision expanded corporate personhood to allow corporations to spend unfettered amounts of money on elections.

It’s part of End Citizens United’s comprehensive strategy to return the power to the people. They back candidates like O’Rourke nationwide. They work grassroots to change local campaign finance laws. They send lawyers to elections in order to keep an eye on suspected unsavory politicians. And they are working towards the goal of dismantling the decision altogether.

End Citizens United is fighting for your voice. You should support End Citizens United by voting for O’Rourke against Ted Cruz in order to get money out of politics.

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Shafik Sachedina Leads Sussex Healthcare Towards Excellent Nursing

Retirees have different healthcare needs from time to time. The current senior communities have responded to these needs by providing options that suit every individual. Even though tailored options assist with ensuring that the elderly who need care receive it, the multiple numbers of prospects have made it challenging for people to find the best senior assisted living care facility. Nevertheless, Shafik Sachedina has shaped his career around Sussex Healthcare, one of the world’s leading senior assisted facility.

Leadership Duties

For Shafik Sachedina, compassionate concern for clients alongside the capability to offer physical support to them is of great importance to the whole management. With his leadership, Sussex Healthcare has been running twenty homes while offering exceptional comprehension of clients’ needs. He has also propelled the provision of a broad spectrum of services for clients. These services extend to treating dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, physical and learning difficulties as well as neurological disabilities.

Modernized Approach towards Healthcare

As joint chairman of Sussex, Shafik Sachedina has also led his team towards acquiring a deep understanding of patient’s healthcare needs. Today, Sussex Healthcare offers supportive care for critical areas of life. He provides access to leisure via different participatory social as well as recreational programs that promote good health. Moreover, the facility is dedicated to treating patients through a notable difference made to separate Sussex Healthcare from other senior living assisted facilities.

Career Profile

Besides, Sachedina is the head of the Jamati Institutions. He chairs the department and is in charge of general operations. He is also the head of coordinating projects in Ismaili Institutions. Together with his association with the prestigious Aga Khan Foundation, Sachedina has exuded confidence in leadership and business management.


Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania. He acquired a degree in dental surgery from the prominent London University and later joined Guy’s Hospital of Dental School. Today, he is revered for being an outstanding leader with vast experience in hospitality. Those who aspire to work in this line of career can look up to him since they can borrow some skills to excel. Apart from that, he has changed people’s lives by providing excellent hospitality services.

Upwork  Find More Clients With These Useful Tips for Freelancers

For people who want to achieve success as a freelancer, Upwork has a few vital tips that can be followed on a regular basis to get more work regularly. Upwork is a prominent platform online that helps freelancers to connect with the clients. These days, instead of hiring full-time workers, many companies, especially the small and mid-sized enterprises are hiring freelancers to get the job done. It is much more cost-effective and efficient at the same time. There are many skilled freelancers out there that ensure that the clients’ job is done perfectly. There is no dearth of skilled professionals at Upwork, and it is what has made it one of the most popular freelancers’ platforms online.

Upwork has more than 5 million registered clients, and that figure continues to increase with time. Achieving success as a freelancer is not as easy as it seems. One of the most common traits of the successful freelancer is that they follow a to-do list. Make a to-do list every night before going to bed as it helps you save a considerable amount of time the next day. Keep going back to to-do list every couple of hours all through the day to ensure that you do not forget any important job that needs to be done. Make sure that you assign time attribute to each of the situations that you mention in the to-do list. Having a to-do list gives you the clarity of how to manage your time and arrange your schedule.

In the last few years, more and more people have been signing up to become a freelancer worldwide. It gives the people the freedom to choose their timetable and provide them the ability to earn as much as they can. It does need the effort to strengthen your base as a freelancer to get a continuous flow of work, but it pays in the long-term. There are many companies out there who prefer to hire freelancers these days than regular employees. If you are a freelancer too, maintain and follow a to-do list that would keep you on track of your work and also help you win the trust of your clients.

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Southridge Capital Offers a Broad Spectrum of Financial Services to Clients

Financial services companies often operate in the industry of finance. They can be banks, brokerage firms, credit card firms as well as investment banks among others. This depends on the services and products they offer. One such company that has succeeded in providing top-notch financial services is Southridge Capital.




A Look at Southridge Capital




Southridge Capital was formed in 1996. Since then, it has been offering structured advisory finance to public companies. It is also committed to assisting clients to meet their financial objectives by providing a wide range of revolutionary financial solutions. Even though it was started as a small firm, today Southridge Capital is prominent for having a core executive team with a deep understanding of how the financial marketplace operates. Over the years, it has invested about $1.6 billion of assets into the development of firms globally. Moreover, it has financed more than 300 public companies thereby making it more aware of the fears and concerns of different clients including private and public institutions. To see more you can visit





The Services Provided




At Southridge Capital, clients come first. The company offers different services including financial analysis. In this segment, the management designs a detailed and well thought of structure to help clients live up to their financial dreams. Besides, Southridge offers services in balance sheet optimization. This is based on assisting clients to maintain a reasonable balance sheet while accessing different mechanisms of operation that will bring excellent results. In mergers as well as acquisitions, the company prides itself on its ability to offer excellent merger candidates with viable business models that are in line with their client’s portfolios. Moreover, the company provides services in bankruptcy advice. This encompasses negotiations and structuring in order to assist firms to overcome bankruptcy.




Putting Clients First




For Southridge Capital, clients come first. Unlike most financial services that put profit-making before their client’s needs, this company handles its consumer’s needs before thinking of garnering any profits. Perhaps that is why it is prominent in the financial services sector. Other than that, it is crucial to note that the management of the company is made up of experienced team leaders including Stephen Hicks, the founding principal of the firm. In an interview with IdeaMensch, he stated that his firm is geared towards excellence especially when it comes to service delivery. He goes on to point out the critical concerns for his staff in regards to making sure that clients are satisfied. For Mr. Hicks, development, as well as execution, are the significant areas of concern. You can visit to see more.






The Alumni Of The Academy of Art Univeristy

Academy of Art University has been prepping students for the world of art since 1929. The university has infused their academics and courses and training with the innovation to explore and dig up inner creativity in students. The university is in San Francisco. There would be no better place than San Francisco to allow a student to embrace their inner creative abilities.

Nearly ninety years ago an art director and his wife and decided to rent a loft to create a space where creatives could imagine, explore and develop their passion for the arts. Eventually, the owners had to move to a new loft that had room for their growing number of students. They then began to their courses to include advertising, commercial art, cartooning, fashion illustration and lettering & layout. Since then, the university has expanded their academics and reach to students across the world.

The Academy of Art University continues to have a growing number of alumni due to the academic environment they offer to students while they attend the university. The school believes in many great things that lead to students to being very successful alumni. Their is a guiding mission in the way the university operates. First, the university believes in being very inclusive during their admissions. They select students from many backgrounds with various artistic abilities. Second, students learn from the very professionals who practice what they preach and create an inviting atmosphere. Third, the school is largely involved in the San Francisco community. Lastly, the school places high priority on art ethics.

Their alumni have done very many great things in their career upon graduation. From being in films, to being on Broadway, to creating beautiful art masterpieces, to being successful musicians. They have even had a former student to appear on Bachelor In Paradise. Kendall Long is alumni that is a fan favorite on the hit television show. What will become of Kendall Long’s relationship with her bachelor is a much anticipated event for the former art student. Fans are very interested to know if they steamy romance will go beyond entertaining television.

Get to Know Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum!

In a recent interview, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum answered questions pertaining to the current state and future of health care. Being the Chairman of Orthopedics at Bronxcare Health System, he sees the influence of leadership, information technology, process re-engineering, and innovative design.


When asked about a trend that excites him he responded “Value-based healthcare.” This paired with his answer when asked about something that almost nobody agrees with him on, “While many people think we have a health care crisis, I see positive change on the horizon,” shows the potential progress and ideas Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has about health care. Value-based healthcare would have medical providers paid based on the outcome of patients’ health, encouraging doctors to focus on improving overall health and wellbeing of patients, not just treating when an issue arises.


Being the Chairman of Orthopedics at Bronxcare productivity is important to Dr. Kirschenbaum. When asked how he makes a typical day productive, he responds with information about connecting with others in the different industries related to healthcare through technology. He also said; “Some days I see one of my patients in the office, other days I focus on patient-centered value-improvement projects.” Those patient-centered projects are a part of the Value-based healthcare programs Dr. Kirschenbaum is helping to create. He also offered up a three-step process for bringing ideas to life.

“1. I come up with the idea.

  1. Investigate and execute the best method to make it come alive.
  2. I develop a distribution plan.

I feel it is critical to surround yourself and the idea with people who sincerely believe in why it will make a difference.”

This process also helps him continue to be productive and successful. This routine could be applied to different aspects of life, and different career fields.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum ultimately is an entrepreneur using his skills he gained through leadership, technology, and productivity, to better the world of health care.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum


Malcolm CasSelle the Genius

Malcolm CasSelle is a leader and salespersons in the game virtual assets in OPSKins. In addition to his role of sales, Malcolm CasSelle is considered as the number one in the planet as bitcoin trader. The main reason why Malcolm is regarded as the best trader in the cryptocurrency is his vast online following across the globe. The introduction of the cryptocurrency is perceived as a game changer in the gaming world. In the bid to improve the virtual games within the world, there are plans to launch a new blockchain platform to facilitate trading. The organization OPSkins is in the process of developing WAX which is the P2P marketplace for facilitating the efficient transaction of traders. Malcolm as the President of WAX is confident that the platform will unlock the utilization of the cryptocurrency to the mainstream economy.

Malcolm CasSelle is a renowned individual who holds the portfolio of being the President of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) as well as CIO of OPSkins, which is ranked the best place to buy and sell online video games. Before joining the OPSkins, Malcolm was the president at tronic where he oversaw the rapid growth of the organization as well as leveraging digital assets. Malcolm has in the past being involved significantly on issues to do with digital industry. For instance, he led several startups in the digital sector such as MediaPass, which is the best leading digital solution provider to well-established media companies. Besides, Malcolm CasSelle is an active investor when it comes to Tech Company. For instance, he has invested in companies such as Facebook and Zynga. One of the notable achievement of Malcolm is his involvement in the co-founding the PCCW, a public traded telecom in Hong Kong which is currently valued at $35 billion. During his time in PCCW, he played a significant role in raising the company capital during the initial public offer. His success in the tech world can be attributed to his passion in the field as well as his two Computer Science both from Stanford University and MIT. Malcolm is eloquent in both Mandarin and Japanese making it possible to relate with the clients.

The Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank

SoftBank is a Japanese firm that has been operating for decades. The management of the company has always focused on growing it and has succeeded. It has continued to record better financial results for years. The acquisition of Fortress Investment Group is instrumental in its endeavors to become a global investment firm. The transaction was valued at $3.3 billion. The company started as a wholesale dealer of PC software. In the next decade, it ventured into computer trade shows and publishing computer-related magazines. It gained global recognition after the acquisition of Yahoo in 1996. Over the years, it has invested in over 400 internet firms around the globe.

Fortress Investment Group has a strong team of leaders that has provided the right direction. One of the main specialties of Fortress Investment Group is private equity. The line of business was introduced by Wes Edens and Randy Nardone, 20 years ago. The area requires value-oriented investment strategies. It accepts investments from several industries. Some of the main areas which it has focused on include finance, transport, infrastructure, and Healthcare. Peter Briger is the brain behind the firm’s credit business. Over the years, the segment has grown and now consists of more than 500 professionals. The team has been keen to identify viable investments globally. One of the main areas of interest includes under-valued investments and distressed credit investments. Peter Briger is the Chief Investment Officer.

Fortress Investment Group has an asset management team consisting of more than 100 specialists who operate in 14 different locations. In 2007, the firm went public, becoming the first in the industry to do so. According to the acquisition agreement between the investment group and SoftBank, the acquired firm would operate independently and its management team would stay intact. The company has gained a reputation for its success in facilitating mergers and acquisitions for firms at different levels. The employees of the organization have gained vast experience in the processes for interacting with corporate board members and key stakeholders. You can also seek assistance from the firm in matters related to the capital markets such as organizing for debt and equity financing.

Flavio Maluf take on Decline of Agricultural GDP

Flavio Maluf was born into a wealthy family. He acquired a mechanical engineering degree from Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. Flavio Maluf had a passion for becoming an entrepreneur forcing him to pursue business. He used his skills and hard work to create more wealth in the family business.

IBGE (the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) has stated that in the first quarter of this year, the agricultural sector has grown by 0.4% in comparison to the last quarter of 2017. Flavio Maluf states that the beginning of 2018 is not as good as that of 2017. He further states that between January and March this year, GDP of livestock and agriculture dropped by 2.6% compared to the same period 2017. Follow Flavio Maluf at

Flavio Maluf also stated that another factor that affected the GDP between April and June was the truck drivers’ demonstration that lasted for about ten days. The pace of plants harvesting in Center-South had to be slowed down or stopped affecting production in the duration that truck drivers were not in operation. Flavio Maluf further states that sugarcane harvested between the months of April and June amount to 19% and when added to that of maize being harvested at the same period, the share rises to 33%. Therefore, lack of circulation of this products during this period affected the traders, producers, and feed production.

The strike of the truck drivers not only affected corn circulation but also animal production leading to reduced meat production. The problem also trickled down to the coffee chain because in the second quarter the harvest will have reached 61%. There was a delay in the raw materials in the coffee segment reducing the amount of products exporters bring to the port. These factors will greatly influence the GDP. Flavio Maluf further claims that soybeans performance was impressive in the first quarter of 2018.



Mike Bagguley was given the investment unit role at Barclays

In the investment banking unit, Barclays has beefed up the field with hiring a new person that will be in the chief operating officer position. They have one goal that they will be able to return to the days they had the best glory days. The change that the company has done is that they have changed Mike Bagguley from the position that he was, he was working as the unit head of the macro markets, and he was given a new role. In the new role he will be under the leadership of Tom King who is the chief executive of the company.

The move of position is the latest change that the company has done when it comes to the banking giants, and it confirmed that the former Jp Morgan banker that is Jes Staley would be taking over the position of Antony Jenkins who was the chief executive. A move that they hope will be able to strengthen the investment banking business. Mike Bagguley in the position that he previously held in the macro business he had reshaped it and reduced the risks. In the position, it included things like interest rates, commodities products, and foreign exchange. One of the duties that mike Bugguley will be responsible for in the new position is that in the investment bank he will be co-coordinating significant projects.

The reason why Barclays was hiring new people is that they needed to see a change in the survives that they were offering and they knew the best way was to change management. The reason why Mike Bagguley was hired is that he was in the best position to help the company in the cutting down of the cost and improve their profitability. The other thing that he would be responsible for is aligning the infrastructure functions, and for the project, he will assist in the coordinating them and deliver on the plans. The first position that he held was in London, and over the years he has held other roles in places like New York, Tokyo, and Johannesburg. Over the years what it was expected of Mike he has been able to deliver just that and more.