Security Difficulties With The Rise Of IoT

It is estimated that IOT devices will become essential in our daily life and there will be over 50 billion devices by 2020. Households may have several Internet connected devices that will share information with each other. Mobile applications for IoT device are becoming increasingly popular and may even take over the cell phone and tablet market.

Devices designed with the Internet of Things concept may be convenient but there are security risks. There have been IoT devices that were hijacked and added to bot nets in order to carry out malicious attacks. These devices also store sensitive data that hackers would love to steal. A weak infrastructure in combination with our most sensitive information makes for a deadly combination.

The security found in many IOT type devices are not set at a high standard like computers or phones. There had been examples of IOT device bot nets found recently.

IOT devices are typically tiny and they lack physical security. Many devices have low computing power and are too weak to support advanced encryption. The remote management software also is wide open for remote exploitation.

The primary thing users can manufacturers can do is to avoid using default passwords. Many routers and other devices have been exploited in the past using defaults passwords and simple IoT devices are following suit. Even a surprising amount of IT professionals use default passwords so the average Joe would definitely be wide open. A hacker just needs to study the manual to take advantage of most devices.

Hackers may use dictionary attacks to automatically crack simplistic passwords. Using simplistic passwords with names, common nouns and short strings of numbers is almost guaranteed to be cracked. Long complex passwords are ideal to prevent the most basic hacking attempts.

Manufacturers of IoT devices should include randomized passwords or require that the user sets a password before using the device. There should also be requirements for users to set advanced passwords with aluminum requirements. This type of policy has been successful in preventing hacking in other types of platforms.

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Having a weak IoT device may also lead to leaks of personal data from computers and cellphones. Viruses may sniff packets for unencrypted information or even hijack other computers in the network. Using encryption software will prevent any leaks of sensitive documents or images in this situation. Users should always have the habit of forcing SSL on all of the websites that they visit.

Digitally signed and encrypted firmware should also be a necessity. Hackers could deploy their own versions of firmware, making the spread of viruses nearly impossible to be stopped. Hackers have deployed malicious firmware to cell phones, routers and computer motherboards in the past. These infected firmwares may also spread viruses to other devices, USB memory sticks and other computers on the network.

Manufacturers are also neglecting updates for devices. The mass production of these types of devices leave many of them neglected by manufactures and many households may be compromised. Computer and cell phone operating systems receive regular security updates and Iot devices should be treated exactly the same. Hackers are left to probe existing devices and attack in the future without any sort of resistance.

Since users may be using these devices for years, manufacturers should continue to support them for years as well. Even the Department of Defense suggests that IoT companies should come up with an road map of support and make it clear to the user.

Options for either automatic or manual updates should be given to all of their customers. Some may consider seamless updates to be a breach of privacy so consent would be ideal to consul the consumer.

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Tony Petrello’s Contributions To Nabors Industries And Charity

Tony Petrello is one of the leading executives and philanthropists from the USA. He is the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. Under his leadership, the company has become of the largest companies in the oil, gas and geothermal drilling sectors with operations in multiple nations across the world. This is truly a lifetime achievement for any executive in this sector. However, Tony has also made a huge contribution in the field of philanthropy as well for which he is considered as one the leading advocates and patrons for research and clinical programs focused on children with the neurological disorder.

Tony has a Juris Doctor (J.D) degree from the prestigious Harvard Law School. Also, he also has a Bachelor and Master degree in Mathematics from the Yale University. He started his career in 1979 when he joined a law firm named Baker and Mackenzie. While working here, Tony handled complex legal issues such as taxation and international arbitration. In 1986, he became the Managing Partner of this firm and served here till 1991.

In 1991, Tony was appointed in Nabors Industries as a Member of its Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Board. While he served Nabors Industries initially on legal issues, in the beginning, he became a strategic leader in this company over the years. He has been highly appraised for operational expertise and strategic direction in its planning and execution initiatives. For his contributions, Tony was appointed as the Deputy Chairmen of this company in 2003, and in 2011 he became the President and CEO of this company. In June 2012, He became the Chairman, President, and CEO of this company took overall responsibility of this company.

Due to Tony’s contributions, Nabors industry secured unprecedented success in recent times. Last year, the company managed to increase its share prices by 180% and secured a revenue more than $3 billion. Currently, Nabors Industries is considered as one the top companies in its forte.

Tony has also made a massive contribution in philanthropy as well. He is one of the foremost advocates for clinical programs and research on the neurological disorder in children. He serves as a Member of the Board of Trustees in Texas Children Hospital and supports its Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Center. He made a generous donation of $5 million to this research center out of his $7 million pledge. In addition to this, he is also involved with a number of charitable organizations as well.

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How EOS Beat Chapstick in the Lip Balm Game

If there isn’t a ja of EOS in your pocket now, maybe it is time to change things. Recently, EOS sales soared past those of Chapstick, the lip balm of choice for men and women for hundreds of years to soothe their lips. Although Burt’s Bees brand had higher sales than EOS, the company, who produces natural-ingredient lip balms, sells over one-million units each week.

The EOS brand is one you’ve likely saw numerous times. For just over seven years now the brand has been making waves as the preferred choice of an elite group of people, including fashion magazine editors, A-list celebrities, and drug store company purchasing departments. The brand has been featured on magazines like Elle and is used by celebs like Kim Kardashian.

EOS uses only natural ingredients in their lip balms, one of the major factors in the brand’s quick engagement and fast sales. Consumers today are growing ever-concerned over the ingredients found inside of skin care products, including lip balms, and seek those using natural ingredients. Taking thins even further, EOS designs their balms to enlighten the senses of the women wearing it. Today, the products are being sold by popular stores such as Walmart, Target, Well and Walgreens. The products are also available online on Amazon, Ulta and eBay(

The marketing implemented by EOS is yet another contributing factor to the brand’s success and lip balm domination. The company used traditional marketing methods, however, they took things one step farther, using influencer marketing to enhance their brand. That decision, in just seven short years, paid off very well. For more info, visit

Altanta Hawks Ownership Takes Insurance Company to Court

Though no longer in control of the team, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, and its leader Bruce Levenson, are taking the New Hampshire Insurance Company to court over a what may be a breach in the company’s policy.

Following the company’s separation with former General Manager Danny Ferry, Levenson’s company claimed their insurance company failed to live up to what was stipulated in its policy, which ought to have covered workplace termination and related torts. In June of last year, Ferry reached a settlement with Levenson’s company to break his six-year contract at the halfway point. While the sum Ferry walked away with remains undisclosed we do know that the team’s insurance provider did not pay out. As a result ESPN reports that Levenson’s company has filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of Fulton County for insurance bad faith and breach of contract.

The court is unable to disclose the amount in damages Bruce Levenson’s company is seeking from their insurance provider, but his lawyers seem confident that their case has enough merit to expose a breach in the policy that ought to have covered Ferry’s separation from the team. By neglecting their role in that legal exchange and refusing to back Levenson’s interests, the insurance company may be found liable.

About Bruce Levenson:

Bruce Levenson’s professional career began writing for the Washington Star before branching his talents out to Oliver Publishing. Before long, Levenson turned to business. Along with Ed Peskowitz, he founded the United Communications Group, where he has been Partner for more than 20 years. This hasn’t slowed down his interests in other ventures, such as owning the Atlanta Hawks and taking on the role of Director for Tech target.

When he isn’t busy with his professional life Levenson is active in philanthropy, says PR News. Most notably, he’s served as President of the “I Have a Dream Foundation”.


JeanMarie Guenot And The Fight Against Cancer


Cancer is one major epidemic that is claiming lives every day. Even though there are treatments that are fighting some cases of cancer successfully, there are efforts to improve upon the treatments with research and advancements. There are many facilities that are fighting this issue. Among the facilities fighting cancer is Amphivea. Among the people that are working very hard in this facility to fight this epidemic is JeanMarie Guenot, the President and CEO of the facility. She is someone with a lot of experience and expertise when it comes to treatments.


JeanMarie has more than 20 years of experience with biotechnology, as per her LinkedIn. She has been involved with companies in every stage which include the private and public companies. Among the activities she loves doing is building up companies and even repairing companies so that they can continue on with new life. She is someone who works with a purpose. She can get people of companies within the health industry to see the purpose and vision that she sees so that they will be encouraged to work. If there is one thing that is going to help companies get off the ground, it is motivation. This is one thing that JeanMarie is good at.


JeanMarie Guenot has shown herself to be very capable as a leader. She has shown understanding that people are more willing to work for those that are also willing to put in some extra work. She treats her workers as her equals and speaks to them with the respect that she herself wants. Therefore, she is able to make sure that people feel comfortable and content working for the company. Through Jeanmarie’s leadership they are inspired to experiment with different types of treatments so that they can come with something with a greater likelihood for cancer treatment. People who suffer with cancer will soon find great relief.  Read more on Jeanmarie’s website.


OSI Group: The Company That Is Committed To Providing The Best Service

OSI Group is a corporation in the meat processing industry. It is a supplier to the food service and retail industry. 2016 was a good year for OSI as they experienced steady growth and won some accolades.

OSI Grup were awarded a Globe of Honor Award from the British Safety Council in November. They were presented with the award because of the way they handled environmental risks. OSI was among seventeen other organizations that received the award last year. OSI had also won the award in 2013 and 2015. OSI Group completed the purchase of a former Tyson Foods plant in the Chicago area last June. The company bought the facility for $7.4 million. Tyson Foods had announced that 480 people would lose their jobs when the facility shuts down permanently.

There were 250 employees left at the time that OSI bought the plant. The group offered many of them employment. OSI stated that they bought the plant because it was close to other facilities that the company maintained in the area. The new facility would help employees to serve the needs of their customers better since it provided infrastructure to support the future growth of the company.

OSI Group announced that they had acquired Baho Food in August last year. This is a Dutch manufacturer of food and snacks. Baho Foods serves customers in nearly 20 countries in Europe and has processing plants in Holland and Germany. David McDonald is the president of OSI Group. He said that the acquisition of Baho would help them in establishing a presence in Europe. He stated that Baho was right for them because the products and brand were in line with what OSI wanted.

John Balvers is the managing director of Baho. John said that he was excited about the two companies working together and congratulated OSI for its excellent relationship with suppliers and customers. He noted that the two companies would be able to combine strengths and give their customers a wide array of products. OSI Group announced that it had acquired Flagship Europe from the Flagship Food Group last month. Flagship Europe has been a food service supplier in the United Kingdom for many years. It supplied pies, dressings, and frozen poultry. OSI Group said that the addition of Flagship Europe would help to improve further the service they provide to customers in Europe.

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Investment Pioneer Takes Over Capital Group

Timothy D Armour, chairman of Los Angeles-based Capital Group is a pioneer is a world of investing banking. Armour was elected as chairman of Capital Group after the demise of former Chairman James Rothenberg, who passed away in 2015 following a massive heart attack. Armour currently fulfills the duties of a principal executive officer and chief executive officer along with being the chairman of the company.

Capital Group currently serves clients all over the world. The total summation of the amount they help clients invest is around $1.25 trillion. Most of these investments are in the form of equity mutual funds. The company works on the notion of putting their customer’s needs before theirs and strives hard to give the best solutions to clients for their financial endeavors. Capital Group’s clientele ranges from individual clients to large financial institutions.

In 2015, Capitol Group, under the leadership of Timothy Armour formed a strategic partnership with Korea’s Asset Based division of Samsung. This partnership aimed at helping Samsung develop active investment strategies for investments related to industries and individual retailers.

Timothy has been working with Capital Group since the beginning of his career. An alumni of Middlebury College in Vermont, Timothy Armour attained a degree in Bachelors of Economics and soon after signed up for The Associates Program from which he got his first job at Capital. In his early days, Tim Armour worked as an investment analyst for Capital, helping numerous telecommunication companies in the United States. Working his way up the ranks, he was promoted to the position of equity investment manager and later, worked as an equity portfolio manager.

Janet Young, CFA of Capital Group, has attributed the company’s recent success to Armour. She believes that Timothy Armour’s incredible foresight and knowledge in the field of investments has helped the company immensely by understanding and fulfilling the long range of needs and demands of businesses and individual clients.

Armour is currently following a plan for the company’s development which was sealed right before the death of the previous chairman, Rothenberg. He believes in efficient utilization of resources and employee talents for the growth and development of the company. He also believes in establishing long lasting connections with his clients for sealing up the company’s good faith. Timothy stands by his commitment to hard work towards the company and continuing the eighty-four year long legacy of reliance and loyalty towards the advisors and investors they serve.

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Benefits Of Natural Hair Care Products

Are you looking for all-natural hair products brand for thinning or brittle hair? Want to restore bounce and shine to your thinning or damaged hair? A popular hair brand, WEN Hair by Chaz, makes top rated natural hair conditioners and related items.

Throughout history, women have used various natural hair conditioners and styling products to soften their locks. The item was originally used primarily by men to help soften their facial hair. Since then, women have utilized conditioning products and similar creme rinses on their frizz and to detangle their locks.

Herbal moisturizing hair product is useful for shower aromatherapy. Popular herbs to use in these conditioners include sage, rosemary, peppermint, and lavender. Any mixture of herbs may be used to generate a scent.

Homemade herbal moisturizing hair product can easily be made with the appropriate ingredients. An assortment of recipes can be seen online and in specialty books. Most recipes are composed of organic extra virgin olive oil and herb essential oils. Dried or fresh herbs may also be added to the concoction. These moisturizing hair products may be applied in the shower or sprayed on throughout the day as a leave-in conditioner.

Wen by Chaz is a top rated hair care brands company and has been catering to customers around the globe. The company has excellent user support and strives to take action to questions promptly. Wen by Chaz is one of those Sephora endorsed brands in the hair care industry that are continuously sought after as the most dependable hair brand brands. For more information on the company, visit

Another awesome thing about Wen by Chaz Dean brand,, is that these brands are made with natural substances.

Unlike most hair moisturizing hair products out there, this company care a lot about their prospects’ well-being and avoided the use of chemical and harmful ingredients.

Fabletics Competes with Amazon by Offering Subscription Services

Kate Hudson is doing what she does best. She is getting all of her fans to focus their attention on her. In the past she has done it in the movies. Now she is planning to do it in the clothing industry. She is working out and staying in the best shape of her life. People get the chance to see the brand and discover just how great it looks on her. The brand is something that stands out among many of the other athletic brands because Hudson has done her homework. It is like she knew what female customers were looking for before she ever sold her first garment.


Kate isn’t a psychic. She’s just a woman that knows what she likes, and she decided to go with her gut. This is a competitive advantage that Jeff Bezos just doesn’t have. As a man he cannot be expected to tap into what women want out of their athletic clothes. Hudson knows that she knows about garments for women that workout because she is a working mom that hits the gym and keeps herself in shape. She knows that there is a need for flexible clothes that are comfortable. That perspective has helped her shape her business. There is no shortage of creativity with her brand. She knows what women like, and Hudson has even worked behind the scenes to help develop things like active wear clothing for women. All of this has proven to be an awesome part of her job. She likes what she does, and she has proven that she wants to be more than just another celebrity that is pushing clothes.


This is a strong determination for Kate Hudson to build an awesome brand. Much of this determination comes from the fact that she is aging and acting less. She knows that she has to transition into something else other than acting as she ages. Her passion appears to be connected to fitness and clothing so Fabletics has become the perfect company for her to make a transition. Hudson is growing the brand in a way that most people may not have assumed she could do. After all, she does still have an acting career to maintain. What has made it possible for her to stay on top with Fabletics is her exceptional partners. Co-founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg has joined Kate Hudson in this business venture, and it is their business model that makes Fabletics work.


Anyone that knows about JustFab will be able to follow the subscription service for Fabletics. These two companies have the same blueprint for the way that customers get clothes. There are some people that are going to order everything online. Others may shop in stores. Still, there are others that sign up for the subscription services from Fabletics. With this people get a chance to build up their wardrobe without spending any time shopping. People that hate to shop regularly will love the subscription services.

Bruce Levenson Seeks A Financial Settlement From AIG

The termination of the contract of former Atlanta Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry has been the subject of an ongoing insurance claim between the former owners of the NBA franchise and the insurance giant AIG. Papers have now been filed with the Superior Court of Fulton County as Bruce Levenson‘s Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium seeks to bring a legal end to a matter they believe should have resulted in a speedy payout from the insurance company, but has now resulted in Levenson’s legal team submitting a breach of contract claim against AIG.

ESPN describes Bruce Levenson to be one of the best known innovators in the field of communications and technology ever since he and business partner Ed Peskowitz founded the Oil Express newsletter in the 1970s. The single newsletter used the journalism skills of the University of Washington graduate and changed the oil industry newsletter sector in a short space of time, resulting in the establishment of the United Communications group; Levenson and Peskowitz have developed UCG into one of the top real time information providers for different industrial sectors ever since and continue to find success in new areas of technology and communications.

Despite the business success Bruce Levenson has achieved he has never placed a quick profit above the success of the community he works in on a regular basis. Levenson has ensured UCG remains headquartered in Washington D.C. to aid the local economy and uses his own success as a way of promoting the area in its many forms. Bruce Levenson has been a major supporter of many philanthropic groups around the Washington D.C. and Maryland areas, as well as bringing his skills as a community leader to the Atlanta area during his decade as the head of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise during its dramatic movement towards a successful future.