Omar Yunes takes over the Franchise Industry

Omar Yunes is the founder of Sushi Itto which was awarded as the best Franchisee of the World Competition. The awarding ceremony took place in Italy on December 5th, 2014. The main reason for his awarding was mainly due to his contribution towards the building of the brand. Omar Yunes started entrepreneurship at a very young age. At only 21 years old, he already owned a Japanese food chain franchise. His business franchise has completely grown, and today he has over ten units spread across Mexico. Omar Yunes has employed over 4000 people in these units, and they get a decent salary to support their families comfortably. Benjamin Cancelmo is the current CEO of the franchise chain owned by Omar Yunes, and he has shown remarkable leadership qualities over the years.

The awarding event carried out in Italy attracted prominent representatives from more than 30 countries. Some of the noticeable countries that attended the event include Brazil, France, Italy, and Portugal. The awarding criteria mainly focused on several key elements which included the network of the franchise especially on how it has influenced the business and its contribution in term of knowledge, employee motivation and efficiency. The event was headed by Diego Elizarrarrás who was also the event organizer. According to Diego, Omar always promoted seeing a better relationship between different franchises. He did these by ensuring healthy competition and providing a better management that has had an impact even on the competitors.

The award was considered to be a united front to offer consumers with better services. The order also focused on several other leadership skills such as innovation, teamwork, and enhanced constant improvement. This is one of the efficient ways to enhance quality service delivery in the franchise industry. The selection is first carried out at the country level before being done on an international platform. The process shows the development of the Omar Yunes work. He was able to win both on the national scale and at the international level. He competed with the best of the best in the world. Omar Yunes has been able to retain his top position mainly because of his commitment to achieving maximum customer satisfaction, patience, and resilience.

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