Omar Yunes Proves to be the Best Franchisee in the World during the Mexican Chapter of BFW

Omar Yunes is an investor who is widely associated with the Sushi Itto brand. He flies the brand’s flag high in Mexico through more than 13 franchise units. These units represent nearly 10 % of all the units under the Sushi Itto brand. Winning The Best Franchisee of the World award during the first version of the competition in Mexico in 2015, helped to cement his reputation in the franchise business. Previously, Omar Yunes had scooped first place in the national qualifying competition for the award.

During the BFW 2015 edition, about 34 nations participated including Mexico, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and many others. Franchisees went through an assessment to determine their effect on the entire network as opposed to the brand. Some of the factors in consideration included the franchisee’s contributions in terms of knowledge, employees’ motivation, and savings that have been implemented among others. Also, the Mexican chapter of BFW included a jury that consisted of representatives of the Mexican Association of Franchises, Universidad Anahuac, Entrepreneur and entrepreneurs of the sector.

The organizer of the BFW awards held in Mexico, Diego Elizarrarras, asserted that Omar Yunes won the BFW 2015 award due to his influence on the franchisee-franchisee relationship. As a result, he has not only achieved better information management but also implemented control boards that assist in creating accurate measurements of every franchise unit. Moreover, the Sushi Itto CEO, BenjaminCancelmo, cited that the award served as a demonstration of the combined effort to provide the brand’s clients with a remarkable flavor, excellent customer service, and unique hospitality.

A Closer Look at Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a shrewd franchisee in Mexico with a deep interest in the food industry. In fact, he owns over 13 Sushi Itto franchises across several cities in Mexico such as Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. Through his franchise units, Yunes has done a commendable job in promoting Sushi Itto, a Japanese restaurant chain, in Mexico. This impressive feat is owed to his aggressive marketing abilities, which have allowed him to gain considerable control in the Mexican food industry. Additionally, Omar Yunes is acknowledged for creating more than 400 jobs through his franchise units.