NexBank, a bank that cares

Every industry is subject to change. This is true even for the banking industry. If the banking industry fail to adjust with a changing society then it is possible that they will miss out on a lot of opportunities. To prevent this from occurring a list of Texas banks have come together to form the Texas Bankers Association.

Together these banks to discuss the changes that need to be made and innovative opportunities. In 2016, such a meeting (Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference) was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The conference was led by a group of panel members that included John Holt, the President and CEO of NexBank Capital, Inc.

NexBank Capital, INC is a highly successful organization that offers services to individuals that need institutional services, mortgage banking, and commercial. Since 1922 NexBank has provided many services to the community. Their professionalism and commitment has allowed them to become leader in the banking industry.

As of March 2017, NexBank has over 5 billion dollars in assets. This accumulation of assets did not occur over night. With dedication to its client and its mission to provide professional services to the community, NexBank has created an image of a Bank that individuals and companies can trust.