NewsWatch TV: Garnering Exceptional Reviews From A Wide Variety Of Clientele has been getting extraordinary reviews from consumers. Companies and individuals who interact with report significant spikes in product sales and rave about the assistance they received when needing guidance as to how to convey the proper message about their product at the proper time in a well-done manner.

Some of the numerous companies that NewswatchTV has worked with include industry giants such as Audi, Intel, Sony, Outback, Casio, and many more. They do not stop with Fortune 500; however, NewswatchTV has also provided guidance to independent app developers, a global array of small businesses, and multiple non-profit organizations.

Saygus, a manufacturer of smartphones based in the United States, was recently promoting a new line of phones for which they needed to raise money to properly launch. They decided to secure NewswatchTV to produce and air online campaigns for their products and are exceptionally pleased with the results. Their initial fundraising goal to complete their product launch was one million dollars. After utilizing the services of Newswatch, their goal was considerably exceeded to the tune of $300,000 in additional funds. Saygus Vice President, Tim Rush, couldn’t be more pleased with the company’s decision to hire Newswatch. He goes on to explain how expertly the company connected them to the ability to drive sales through knowing what the customer wanted to hear and how they could convey that most effectively.

Newswatch initially began in 1990 and has since expanded the purview of the show from its start as a financially based program to the current expanded focus showcasing a wide variety of consumer entertainment, technology, consumer news reports, public service announcements, and medical news. Newswatch is an award-winning program based in Washington, D.C. with offices in nearby Fairfax, VA, as well as Denver, CO, and even New York City.