Neurocore Changing Depression Treatment Forever

It used to be so simple to tell someone that has depression to “buck up” or “just get over it.” With so much awareness having been brought to the disease over the last few years, people are now realizing that it is not just a state of mind, but a real disease or disorder. With that awareness, new treatments are also being introduced and explored.

One company who is at the forefront of technology when it comes to brain disorders is the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. The company is not just trying to treat the disease, but find the root cause and treat the symptoms. One way they do that is by mapping the brain during various moments of depression so they can find what triggers those moments. Then they reteach the brain how to cope during those moments so that a patient can permanently treat the disorder.

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What is unique to depression is that there are several types of disorders when it comes to the disease. This makes treating it unique, in that, doctors cannot just have a fix-all that will help every patient the same. The disorder does not always develop with outside factors, which means anyone can develop the disorder at any time for any reason. Knowing this means places like Neurocore can better understand that treatment must be individualized.

Because the signs of depression are not always obvious, the disease can start to take a physical toll on patients. Because of the stigma that has existed surrounding the disorder, many people still fear admitting they may have the disease, and therefore choose to not seek treatment. This makes it difficult for places like Neurocore to help treat everyone, and find all the many variations of disorders in depression.


Another common fact regarding depression is that it is typically found in younger people ages 15 – 44, and that suicide is the second leading cause of death in young people. The connection between depression and suicide is very real, and another reason companies like the Neurocore Brain Performance Center is striving to find permanent treatments for victims of depression. Read more about Neurocore at