Meet the brain behind the Success of Seattle Genetics: Clay Siegall

There is a lot of things that motivate us in our daily activities and our businesses. Different factors influence us to start our businesses. For Clay Siegall, he always wanted to help create therapy drugs for illnesses that have not had any major improvements for years. This was after he had a relative who went through much pain because the chemotherapy was draining him. He also admits that the money in the business was a contributing factor as well. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics.

Clay Siegall says that there a lot of ways that they make money in the company. The first one is selling their drugs. He says that having a drug verified is such a big deal and the process is very costly. He adds that out of the ten candidates who present their drugs, only one drug is approved.

Like everyone else, Clay Siegall had moments that he doubted whether his business would work. He explains that in 1999, their capital became inadequate and things became tough. Siegall is a workaholic, so he just had to get back to work and put more effort to overcome the challenges.

He says that they have a very professional staff that understands the business and their products, which is very crucial. They also have a very active sales time that they brought in, in 2000 who have helped the company in crossing valuable deals. He says that the salesperson is the face of the business in a community, so it matters who is on your team.

Besides the referrals that they get from other clients, the other way they expand their networks is by attending very many meetings. He says that their business being a 7 and 8 figure business, they dine, wine and keep negotiating to get more clients.

Every investor has a trait that believes makes them productive. For Clay Siegall, he says that he believes his hard work contributes a lot to his progress. He says that he learned that from a letter Francis Galton, received from his cousin Charles Darwin saying that intellect in human beings doesn’t differ, what brings the difference we see is the work we put in, in our projects.