Malcolm CasSelle the Genius

Malcolm CasSelle is a leader and salespersons in the game virtual assets in OPSKins. In addition to his role of sales, Malcolm CasSelle is considered as the number one in the planet as bitcoin trader. The main reason why Malcolm is regarded as the best trader in the cryptocurrency is his vast online following across the globe. The introduction of the cryptocurrency is perceived as a game changer in the gaming world. In the bid to improve the virtual games within the world, there are plans to launch a new blockchain platform to facilitate trading. The organization OPSkins is in the process of developing WAX which is the P2P marketplace for facilitating the efficient transaction of traders. Malcolm as the President of WAX is confident that the platform will unlock the utilization of the cryptocurrency to the mainstream economy.

Malcolm CasSelle is a renowned individual who holds the portfolio of being the President of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) as well as CIO of OPSkins, which is ranked the best place to buy and sell online video games. Before joining the OPSkins, Malcolm was the president at tronic where he oversaw the rapid growth of the organization as well as leveraging digital assets. Malcolm has in the past being involved significantly on issues to do with digital industry. For instance, he led several startups in the digital sector such as MediaPass, which is the best leading digital solution provider to well-established media companies. Besides, Malcolm CasSelle is an active investor when it comes to Tech Company. For instance, he has invested in companies such as Facebook and Zynga. One of the notable achievement of Malcolm is his involvement in the co-founding the PCCW, a public traded telecom in Hong Kong which is currently valued at $35 billion. During his time in PCCW, he played a significant role in raising the company capital during the initial public offer. His success in the tech world can be attributed to his passion in the field as well as his two Computer Science both from Stanford University and MIT. Malcolm is eloquent in both Mandarin and Japanese making it possible to relate with the clients.