Krishen Iyer Wants Companies To Improve Their Digital Literacy To Be Better Marketers

companies need to shift along with marketing. Krishen Iyer is Managed Benefit Services CEO. The company was created in 2016. He started the company with the name Quick Link Marketing, but he wanted to focus on marketing for dental and health insurance firms, so he changed the name to what it is now. Kirshen Iyer has several years of effective marketing experience. His research and hard work has to lead him to add on to five important marketing issues and provide additional insights on industry changes.


Krishen Iyer Says Marketing Directors Need To Keep Learning

The majority of marketing directors are masters of basic marketing, digital strategies, and advertising concepts. Even with the basic digital strategy mindset, they are often limited in digital skills. Today, digital literacy and media online are very important. A recent survey showed that marketing directors know less than 30 percent about PPC. Executives weren’t that far ahead, scoring close to 35 percent, and managers know a little more than 30 percent. The analytical skills scores weren’t that much different. Krishen Iyer feels that the issue is clear, that marketing directors need to improve their digital literacy knowledge.


Krishen Iyer likes to remind companies that marketing doesn’t stay the same. Each year there is more to marketing, and changes are happening. Google is always changing search algorithms. Social media marketing and other communication platforms are evolving. It’s up to companies to make sure their marketing directors are staying on top of the changes. Marketing departments need to invest in continuing education in order to survive or become an industry leader. Krishen Iyer has shared some helpful tips so companies can keep their marketing departments up to speed:



  • See what skills are available and see how to best utilize them


  • Find ways to educate marketers. Online lectures and courses are helpful


  • Work with human resources to start a better training program. Check the budget for available funds to grow the marketing team’s knowledge

Location-Based Marketing A Not A Crowd Favorite


A recent survey showed that close to 25 percent of smartphone owners do not like sharing location data. Additionally, 50 percent of the survey takers said they were uncomfortable with their phones storing their travel data. Even though a large majority were uneasy with location data being stored, over 40 percent said they found the data storage to be useful.


Krishen Iyer supports location-based marketing. He feels that if it’s used correctly, it can be quite valuable. Consumers have been wary of some of the location-based marketing methods, and big companies have had issues with tracking consumers without consent. One thing that hasn’t changed with the evolution of marketing is the need for privacy. People want their privacy now more than ever, and consumers will be more trusting of a company if it respects their privacy. Customers who trust a company might be more willing to engage in location-based marketing.