Jorge Moll Describes How Philanthropy Gives the Way to Happiness

Jorge Moll, a Brazilian healthcare entrepreneur known for founding D’Or Institute for Education and Research, is an active proponent of philanthropy and the joy of giving. Moll, who is also a neurologist, confirms that noble acts can make positive changes in humans, and a number of studies have proved that they can create significant physical and mental effects in people in different ways. A study conducted by him 2006 showed that charity giving is creating warm glow feeling at a biological level ( It also makes people understand that doing good acts can also help them to feel good.


Interestingly, the studies of Jorge Moll and his team gave evidence to the joy of giving in the brain. He concludes that such giving is providing a sense of altruism without a sacrifice. Interestingly, altruism was considered as a miracle drug for more than two decades. Interestingly, a study conducted by Psychology Today in 1988 observed nearly 1,700 women and observed the physical effects on them while giving. It showed that people who regularly help others felt highly euphoric by a full 50 percent. Also, 43 percent of the helpers felt that they are more energetic and stronger.


Jorge Moll also noted that people who are helping others struggling with the same crunch situation of them felt more comfortable and confident. For a study, people who are struggling with multiple sclerosis were tasked and trained to support others who are also going through the same health condition. They were tasked to provide support and assistance over the phone for a month just for 15 minutes a day. The study showed that the helpers were found to be less depressed, better self-esteemed, and more confident than others.


A similar study on chronic illness conditions showed that the people who helped others experienced a lower level of pain as well as depression. Jorge Moll confirms that by giving, people can heal faster themselves both physically and emotionally. He also adds when people make others happy, they themselves make happier (Terra). When people are planning to help others, they are actually benefiting themselves by creating amazing joy, Moll observed.