Jacob Gottlieb Diving Into Medicine Again With Former Partner

Even before Jacob Gottlieb has finished closing up the doors for his old hedge fund Visium, he is already hard at work getting his new healthcare-focused investment firm Visium off the ground. Even though Jacob Gottlieb just registered a direct offering with himself and other institutional investors with an interest in health care, people are already taking notice and paying attention to what his company may have to offer. One of the reasons why investors are interested in Altium is the fact that it will bring Jacob Gottlieb back together with Stuart Weisbrod, a team that had not worked together for 2 decades before Altium was founded.

Weisbrod and Jacob Gottlieb both have the background and ability to make their new business a success and investors around the world in the healthcare industry already know it. They have already jumped on board with a therapy in development for diabetes that is the first of its kind. This product by a company called Oramed is a capsule created to deliver insulin orally.

Researchers have been trying for years to find a way to allow insulin-dependent patients to take their medication orally but have not had a lot of success. They found that it simply broke down too quickly when administered by mouth to do any good. Jacob Gottlieb believes that Oramed’s new delivery system will change that and patients will finally have a viable way to take their insulin by mouth.

If the medication goes through, millions of people could potentially see their lives changed for the better. Not only will they have to carry around needles and have to experience the pain of injection every time they need their medicine, but they will also be at a much lower risk of infection. Every time a patient has to inject themselves with insulin, they are leaving that open wound susceptible to picking up bacteria.

Jacob Gottlieb is looking forward to his fresh start in the new company. He is determined to bring his investors strong returns in the healthcare industry. For Jacob Gottlieb, it’s time to leave the mistakes from his past employees and start his life in business again.