IAP Worldwide Has History Providing Solutions and Services to Support U.S. Governments

For 62 plus years, IAP Worldwide is the leading provider of government services for aviation, communications, energy, emergency, IT, and logistics. Local, state, and federal governments rely on IAP’s emergency responders, engineers, and professionals to provide medical relief and design technologies solutions. Our government and national services are delivered punctual, cost efficiently, and effectively, including expeditionary, infrastructures, and military base operations. We are there to provide aviation support to the military by meeting the needs of civilians and militants in emergency situations. Aviation support and solutions includes airfield engineering, operations, air traffic control, fire & safety, and maintenance.

Former names of IAP are Pan Am World Services, Inc.and Johnson Controls Worldwide before the official name change in 2005. IAP Worldwide Services has won many contracts providing transportation, temporary & permanent power, and emergency disaster relief solutions. IAP Worldwide’s first international procurement contract is with the United States Army in Saudi Arabia providing generators and supplies. As of July 2016, the corporation was holding $370 million government services contracts, but, has increased within the last few months. The U.S. Navy awarded IAP part of a $900 million contract to support humanitarian, natural disasters, and military endeavors.

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It’s been 15 years IAP Worldwide has provided services to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for emergency power during disastrous weather conditions. Our emergency responders are there immediately to support medical, power, environmental management, infrastructure assessment, and disaster relief. They are available 365 days yearly and 24 hours per day to respond to the U.S. Army Corps and provide needed services. From setting up and operating medical facilities and rooms to managing clinical waste, IAP Worldwide is always prepared to respond. Local, federal, and state governments depend on our engineers and experts to assess structure and technical systems damages.

Government and national security agencies can rely on IAP’s expeditionary and mission support to build and maintain hospitals in the field. We do the maintenance to infrastructure and provide other services, including security, utilities, recreation, healthcare, food services, and catering. IAP Worldwide is quick to respond to demands for warehouse operations, supply change operations, shipping & receiving, and international network procurement. We keep our engineers, technicians, and professionals trained to provide aviation, emergency, power, communications, and logistics services and solutions.

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