Dr. Mark Holterman at His Best

Despite having several demanding positions in big institutions, Dr. Mark Holterman dedicates time and energy to charitable organizations. He supports the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. An organization that aims at improving pediatric surgical care. This organization depends on well-wishers to run its mission (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-holterman-70087863). Volunteers provide services like lectures, surgeries and such under IPSAC-VN’s name. The team ensures that all their volunteers are qualified by asking for their professional licenses and curriculum vitae before accepting them. The volunteers are expected to cater for all their expenses while in Vietnam.


The joint venture

Dr. Mark Holterman is a member of the American Diabetes Association. His passion for finding the cure for chronic illness and helping children encouraged the joint venture between ADA and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The two institutions are working together to help reduce the increase of type 2 diabetes among children and teenagers. Several programs are set to educate children between eight and sixteen years, on healthy eating and ways to keep diabetes at bay. The two organizations are the best at tackling the issue as both specialize in the area. They also have qualified professionals like Dr. Holterman who are good at their work.


About Dr. Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman has over twenty-five years’ experience in clinical care. He believes that with hard work, the advancement of medicine and technology will bring the long-awaited solution in the medical industry. Currently, Dr. Holterman is the Chief Medical Officer of Mariam Global Health, a pediatric surgeon at OSF HealthCare and a surgery and pediatrics professor at the University of Illinois. Dr. Mark Holterman worked at the Rush University Medical Center as an attending pediatric surgeon and the Surgeon-in-chief at Advocate Christ Children’s.


After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in General Biology from the Yale University, Dr. Mark Holterman attended the University of Virginia and graduated with an MD and a Ph.D. in Medicine and Immunology (Behance). Dr. Holterman did his residency in general surgery at the University of Virginia Health Sciences. After that, he did a fellowship in pediatric surgery. His dedication and efforts have seen him be a top pediatric surgeon in the state.