Waiakea Increases Its Sales

Waiakea’s water has become very popular in the recent times. The water originates from rain and snowmelt on the giant Mauna Loa volcano. The Hawaiian Volcano Water is believed to be filtered through hundreds of feet at the porous volcanic rock.

Waiakea water produced in these features is considered to be the most electrolyte rich and delicious alkaline water in the globe. Once an individual buys one liter of the sweet water, the company donates six hundred and fifty liters of clean water is given to disadvantaged people living in rural Africa. The donation is given through an organization known as Pump Aid.

New You stated that the Waiakea Water was introduced into the market in the year 2012, and since then, it has grown significantly on an international scale. Just recently, the company announced that it had achieved a five thousand growth since it was first launched.

The premium water is believed to have been founded on the bottom line principles focusing on sustainability, health, and charitable initiatives. The company has also announced that its product is currently available in more than two thousand stores and over thirty states in the US.

The company says that it will celebrate this great achievement by introducing a new manufacturing project that will be located in Hawaii. The new facility will be the perfect way to meet the international demand that is growing every day.

Ryan Emmons is the founder of the popular premium bottled water brand, and he says that he is very proud because of the achievements his company has made in the recent past. According to Ryan, the company has grown significantly from selling several thousands of bottles of Waiakea water every year to more than one hundred and twenty thousand cases.

The proud CEO is also happy that his company has managed to donate more than five million liters of water to communities in Africa. The increase in sales means that more communities in Africa have access to clean water.

Since it was founded years ago, the company’s primary mission has always been to encourage the modern consumer to drink ethically. The company partnered with an organization known as Pump Aid, and since then, six hundred and fifty liters of water are donated to Africa after a liter of Waiakea is sold. Learn more about Waiakea water: https://gust.com/companies/waiakea

 Waiakea water from the company is sourced from the purest places on earth, and it is also packaged from completely recycled bottles.