Beto O’Rourke And End Citizens United Challenging Ted Cruz For The Senate

One of the most important elections in 2018 is it taking place in the state of Texas. Nobody thought that Ted Cruz could lose his Senate seat, but Beto O’Rourke is turning people’s heads. In fact, the upstart from El Paso, Texas, is in a virtual tie in the latest poll.

O’Rourke is frightening establishment Republicans. Donald Trump tweeted that he would hold a rally in the biggest stadium in Texas in order to back Ted Cruz’s reelection. And Ted Cruz has already attacked the good-looking young man from El Paso. Ted Cruz aired a commercial attacking O’Rourke for using the name Beto which is a common South Texas contraction for his real name of Robert. It’s incredibly ironic as Rafael is Cruz’s actual first name while Ted it is a contraction for his middle name of Edward. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase

But the big fight centers around the role that money plays in politics. O’Rourke is backed by a group called End Citizens United while Ted Cruz is backed by giant oil companies. O’Rourke does not take donations from corporations while Ted Cruz’s takes as much as he can.

It seems that O’Rourke will be ready to fight for the people when he shows up in Washington. On the other hand, Ted Cruz looks like he’ll fight for the big corporations that pay his bills. Some of those businesses aren’t even in Texas.

End Citizens United has gotten behind the right candidate. O’Rourke promises to fight against the consequences of the disastrous Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United. The decision expanded corporate personhood to allow corporations to spend unfettered amounts of money on elections.

It’s part of End Citizens United’s comprehensive strategy to return the power to the people. They back candidates like O’Rourke nationwide. They work grassroots to change local campaign finance laws. They send lawyers to elections in order to keep an eye on suspected unsavory politicians. And they are working towards the goal of dismantling the decision altogether.

End Citizens United is fighting for your voice. You should support End Citizens United by voting for O’Rourke against Ted Cruz in order to get money out of politics.

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End Citizens United Fights Big Money In November Elections

The upcoming elections are going to give people a chance to fight against the influence or big money in our politics. People are tired of seeing politicians fight for those who are explicitly against our own interests. This is why End Citizens United was formed. It’s a PAC focused on trying to do everything it can to make sure that people are better equipped when they decide they want to fight the influence of big money in their lives. This isn’t going to be an easy thing to do, but it will certainly be remembered for years to come. There is a wave ready to take politics in a bold new direction. It just needs the support necessary to grow into something more fierce.

There are plenty of reasons to look at the work of the Big Money 20 and feel outraged. This is a group of some of the most insidious politicians out there. Fortunately, thy are very vulnerable as they are incumbents in areas with very low support for the way things are. People absolutely want to see things change and they are willing to support candidates that will do their best to make sure we see a very different way of handling business. There is going to be something big happening this November and End Citizens United wants to back it entirely.

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The Big Money 20 are located mostly in blue states and this is why they are particularly great targets for elections according to They won’t be able to fight as well as others out there and they simply don’t have an energized base willing to go up to bat for them. When you factor in the reality that they are exceptionally weakened by the current trends we’re seeing in politics, it’s going to be a certain victory for the Democrats and those who want to fight big money in politics.

We are going to see some resistance to this surge. There are going to be big donations coming in from corporations and they’ll want to do anything they can to stop the current rise of those who want to see politicians represent the interests of the people who elect them. Nobody is going to do more to help make sure the people win than End Citizens United. PACs like this were formed for just this occasion. Now it’s time for them to spring into action in our moment of need.

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End Citizens United Endeavors In Restoring Democracy

The recent presidential elections showed a massive interference by outside forces. Committees have been set to task to identify the connection between president trump and a Russian company that had suspicious bought ads on Facebook. Foreign entities are not allowed to be involved in a countries election as it interferes with the democracy of the state. Most of the citizens are not aware of the happenings as the constitution does not have clear guidelines to such issues more so, it was an unseen move. A few wealthy individuals shouldn’t govern a country; it is not fair.

End Citizens United is an organization that was founded in 2015 and is in the frontline of countering the foreign influence in a countries democratic process. With the efforts of the group, they’ll soon bring sanity to the country’s electoral system and ensure integrity.

End Citizens United will be backing Democratic candidates in the coming elections. The organization has taken the initiative of raising sufficient funds for the campaigning activities. With the money, the team hopes to establish a financial arm that will be responsible for television ads and direct mailers during the forthcoming elections. End citizen has announced the endorsement of various candidates such as the former senator from Wisconsin and Colorado. The organization supports candidates that are in favor of financial reforms and the attack of the Koch brothers and other dark money organizations.

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End citizen United focuses overturning the Supreme Court ruling of 2010. By endorsing several candidates, the group might hit the target since for a motion to be passed it requires at least the approval of 2/3 of the house. However, the task has received skeptics from various individuals terming it as an uphill task. The negative critics have been because America has at least two decades since it last passed an amendment. However, on the positive End Citizen United is among the group that raises the awareness to the citizens and therefore keeping checks on the Supreme Court and other political bodies.

End Citizens America does not support members of the Republican Party because of their undisclosed source of funds and their excessive expenditure according to The Republican leadership has also stood on the groups’ path of overturning the supreme court ruling, and therefore end citizen vows to stand with anyone who is for the overturning. The team boasts of having a massive influence from the ordinary citizen due to the overwhelming donations from the grassroots.


I have come across many philanthropies, and for me, Betsy DeVos has stood out to be one of the most committed in philanthropic work, and she has a full interest in the charitable work. What makes her very relevant in the society and well known is that she looks for a solution to solve problems that are faced in the community. She started a charitable organization together with her husband in 1989. Through this foundation, they have given millions of dollars of their wealth. She pursues improvements by handling various non-profitable roles in the society. She’s a shareholder in multiple national and native organizations. I have known her to be the best promoter for the Educational Choice Movement. Her passion for lending a hand to the less fortunate and fighting for the rights of the minority is amazed me. It is out of that desire that she has become the chairman of (AFC) The American Federation for Children. Betsy is also concerned about educational and academic reforms, and the reforming affinity seems to flow in the DNA of her family.

It flabbergasts me how Betsy was able to come out strongly in the charity work. I have come to realize that there was nothing specifically that drew her to being philanthropic at once, but it has been a gradual process. Betsy and her husband started small by just supporting students to pay the tuition fee in Potters House Christian School where they found parents struggling to have their children in school. This charity work developed into a massive commitment to a point they now fund the Porters House insignificant levels. In my point of view, the significant contribution in helping this school steered up the passion in Betsy to think widely about education. She went on and founded an organization that offered a scholarship to the less fortunate families. Am aware that before this foundation, most children would not have the chance they ought to have because their parents earned very low-income which could not sustain them up to the levels the desired.

Betsy has made me know that when it comes to charity work and dealing with the society at large, it all begins at home. Her interested in helping the community in the education sector grew in her because she had children who were going to school and she wasn’t impressed to see her children go to school while their age mates didn’t go to school due to lack of school fees. Betsy thought she had to do something and yes she did something even far much more than she thought. A life lesson that in the course of time I have derived from Betsy is always to consider the future of the less fortunate children and give them gifts of destiny that will leave your legacy in their lives.


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DeVos Family Announces Support for Rubio before Michigan Primary

The DeVos family, one of the most successful and wealthy families in western Michigan thanks to their successful business Amway (, have officially decided to stand behind Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio. According to an article published by The Detroit News, this support comes just in time for the Michigan primary on Tuesday, March 8th.

In a recent interview with The Detroit News, businessman Dick DeVos announced his family’s endorsement of Rubio. They hope that it will garner larger support for the Republican candidate, who’s competition shows no signs of slowing down their own strategies. DeVos’s backing comes with dollar signs too, which will surely help Rubio at a crucial time in the race.

Until now the DeVos family has just supported the GOP candidates objectively. Their decision to finally endorse Senator Marco Rubio is not a far stretch, taking into account their history together. Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy were campaigning for more school choice laws in Florida between 2006 and 2008, when Rubio was a House of Representative Speaker in the same state. 

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It will be interesting to see how this support from DeVos will affect the turnout at the Michigan primary as well as the remaining states that have primaries or caucuses. Rubio’s fellow GOP candidates Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have all seen support since the primary season started. Some Republicans Party members have been pushing Kasich to step down from the race so Rubio can have a better shot at going against Trump and Cruz, but Kasich’s supporters believe he has a more likely chance at defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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Betsy shares her approach for creating more quality educational opportunities for children in Detroit.

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