Dr. Rod Rohrich is an Expert in Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Rod Rohrich offers a range of cosmetic surgeries in the Dallas area. As well as being a plastic surgeon, Dr. Rohrich is also a professor at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. He focuses his practice on rejuvenation of the face and body, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation.

Dr. Rohrich offers rhinoplasty. It is a procedure on the nose that reshapes it. It is sometimes known as a nose job. It can focus on various parts of the nose, including the tip and bridge. The work on the bridge of the nose can be to reduce the dorsal hump. It can be for cosmetic reasons although it can also be a surgery to rectify a deviated septum. Dr. Rohrich prefers open rhinoplasty surgery as it allows for greater precision. Dr. Rohrich has lectured and written extensively about rhinoplasty. There is also Revision Rhinoplasty in which Dr. Rohrich corrects previous rhinoplasty from other doctors. It is a highly skilled procedure, and it must be seen as a different type of surgery than original rhinoplasty.

He also offers face lifts. It is a two step process in which the skin of the face is lifted and then the cheeks are filled in. There is also a neck lift, and when combined with the face lift constitutes a complete face rejuvenation.

Dr. Rohrich is experienced in breast surgery. He uses a wide variety of shapes and materials to tailor the surgery to each patient. He uses both silicone gel breast implants and saline implants. He also performs the surgery with subpectoral placements to reduce the size of the incision.


Dr. Rohrich has lectured, written research and journal articles, and completed clinical research on all aspects of cosmetic surgery.