Need Online Cleanup? It’s Easy With Bury Bad Articles

Need Online Cleanup? It’s Easy With Bury Bad Articles

We all know that having a solid online reputation is really important; few of us know the ins and outs of how to do it effectively. That’s why there are many trained professionals who are able and available to help with building a strong and secure online presence for you.

It’s tough to have a bad news article come out and cause chaos and drama. Many people trust news sources, and even if they report false information, people tend to believe it as the truth.

Many businesses have felt the effects of losing business online to negative articles. One statistic states that you can risk losing 22% of your business to the competition just by having negative search results on the first page of Google. While people don’t expect your company to be entirely perfect, they do expect you to have a reasonable online presence.

If you have a lot of negative online reports about your business, it’s time to handle the issue. First, make sure you have the in-house problems resolved; work with your employees and management to make sure they’ll do the best they can to be the best staff for your business.

Once you’ve resolved the issue of the in-house problems, it’s time to continue the professionalism and deal with the negative search results. Hiring a professional website to clean up your search results can be a great way to get your online reputation looking squeaky clean again.

One business that does this is Bury Bad Articles. They are a professional business that helps promote solid search results and they give you a great working professional level. This is a solid approach to dealing with negative reputation. Don’t worry about your online presence, instead bury bad news.

No sure if you should hire professionals? Consider the following statements, and see if you should hire online professionals for the betterment of your business.

* Every minute you spend addressing issues, you lose time with being able to solve issues in house.

* Professional services are generally cheap and affordable.

* You can hire an online reputation management service and save you the stress and the hassle.

With so many benefits, and so few cons, what are you waiting for? You can visit Bury Bad Articles today and make your online web presence look great again. There is no obligation to buy and quotes are free, so you have absolutely nothing to risk.

What are you waiting for? Visit them online now.

How To Eliminate Negative Press From Search Engine Results

Why Would You Want To Eliminate Negative Press From Search Engine Results?

Before we delve into how bad press can be moved down to the bottom of search engine results, we need to discuss why someone would want to eliminate negative press from the top of search engine results. The number one reason an individual or company would want to put bad publicity at the bottom of the search engine results is because it can cost you a lot of business.

Take a look at this stat, for example. One survey found that even a single bad article in the first few pages of search engine results could reduce your business by up to 22%!. That figure increases to almost 60% when you have three negative articles in the first few pages of search engine results. Four or more negative articles will decrease the likelihood of someone buying your product or using your service by up to 70%.

As the numbers above show, having negative press in search engine results can really hurt your bottom line. This is why companies and professionals like doctors, lawyers and accountants spend so much time and money to remove bad publicity and negative press from search engine results. Pushing these false attacks, rumors or negative experiences at the bottom is one of the most effective ways of clearing your reputation and ensuring your business does not suffer.

How Negative Press Is Pushed Down The Search Engine Results

So how is it done? Negative press is pushed down by creating new content that ranks higher than the negative press. Positive content or neutral content is created about companies and individuals in the form of blog posts and entries, press releases, social media accounts and posts and the development of personal websites.
Search engine optimization also plays a huge factor. SEO which is an acronym for search engine optimization, involves optimizing content to make it rank higher at the search engine results.

Companies like Bury Bad Articles use SEO to have your current content rank higher than it is before. They will also create new content that promotes your company and shows it in a positive and informative spotlight. Firms like Bury Bad Articles can also help you take down false and illegal slanderous material posted about you or your company on the web. Bury Bad Articles is an online reputation management that offers free quotes and a guarantee on their work. You should always look for such guarantees when considering hiring an online reputation management firm.