The Terrifying War Machine Used During The Middle Age- The Trabuco

The Trabuco is an ancient weapon of war that was utilized by armies during battles in the middle age period. The war machine dates back to the fourth century where it is believed that the Chinese were the innovators of the Trabuco. Also, the war weapon was derived from the mechanism of how the sling or catapult works. It worked by pulling strings attached to the short arm beam to launch missiles. Its purpose was to crush the protective walls of the enemy to cause massive destructions and cause injury.

How the War Machine Functioned

The Trabuco machine mechanism operated using the physics application whereby potential energy was converted to kinetic energy to fires shots. The velocity of the missile was directly dependent on the weight that was applied. Again, the war machine was easy to manufacture as it only required an armrest, base/pivot, load, and counterweight. The smaller ones could even have one person operating them but were less efficient as they did not contain a lot of power. Nevertheless, the large war machines could be operated by 15 to 45 people depending on their sizes according to

Furthermore, the first Trabuco machines to be invented were known as the traction or balancing Trabuco. The working mechanism of the balancing Trabuco involved human energy to launch projectiles efficiently. However, this type of war machine had its drawbacks since it required people to pull strings together in synchrony. In fact, a record by Wu Jing Yao de Zong, a Chinese scholar, documents that some of the largest war machines required more than 250 villagers to launch projectiles according to This would even include village citizens which was very cumbersome in its operation.

How the Trabuco Usage Came to an End

The traction Trabuco was replaced by the hybrid Trabuco which was much easier in its usage. The hybrid type was modified to use counterweight instead of human power thus making it more effective. Additionally, the war machine was later acquired in Europe in the 600 AD during crusades, and they used it to terrify their enemies by causing destructions according to The medieval siege weapon was however abandoned when the modern artillery was invented in the fourteenth century.

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