A Happier Home Life With LEDs By Gooee

A happier home life for the future is built around a smarter home where each occupant of the home can exist in the settings that please them with the ability to be easily changed by the next person occupying the same space. Each person gets to live in their most comfortable environment while the next can do the same without fighting over controls or one person dominating the space more than the other.

Wirelessly controlled LED lights make this an easy endeavor. While one person may want to use the living room for entertaining friends playing a game of pool, the next person an hour later may want to curl up on the couch and read a book. Lighting controls found on the tablet can switch high intensity overhead light down to a dimmer setting and switch on a table and task lamp for reading in just the touch of a button. No getting up and fiddling with lights on a wall panel required.

Imagine the baby falls asleep in the nursery crib while the lamp across the room is left on. Instead of disturbing the babies sleep by walking across the room to switch off the light, it can be done from the downstairs couch while using the tablet and monitoring the situation on the baby cam. No interruptions necessary. Gooee WiFi enabled LED lights (https://gooee.com/about) have the ability to perform at this level, and let everyone live a little more serene.