Songs from a Journey: How a bus ride influenced singer-songwriter Doug Levitt

Every artist has a source of inspiration. Many use personal experiences of their past in their creativity while others draw on poignant relationships they have had or are in. Singer-songwriter Doug Levitt got his inspiration when sitting on a Greyhound bus. His 70,000 mile journey over the course of seven years is the basis for his book entitled, “The Greyhound Diaries“. Within its pages readers will be able to read about the connections Levitt made with fellow travelers and get a glimpse of what life is like through their eyes. So often we are caught up in our own struggles that we forget that there are others in our midst who are fighting their own personal battles; Levitt’s writing provides us with an enriching, vicarious experience as to how others live life.

Doug Levitt grew up in Washington D.C. and is the son of former D.C. Republican Councilmember Carol Schwartz. Even in his youth he was involved with music as he sang with his high school’s gospel choir. Upon completing high school Levitt attended Cornell University where he had the privilege of attending classes taught by the great,late-astrophysicist Carl Sagan. The artist then attended graduate school at the London School of Economics. Afterwards he remained overseas as he worked as a foreign correspondent for CNN.

Despite having a successful career in news media Levitt felt that he wanted to travel down a different road in life; he had a strong desire to explore his inner creativity and also wanted to learn about the various populations right at home in America. Soon after making his way back to the United States he boarded a Greyhound Bus and allowed himself to truly take a trip.

His experiences not only led to “The Greyhound Diaries,” but continue to influence the songs Levitt’s writes. The singer-songwriter has performed his songs on numerous TV shows over the years and has been featured in a variety of concert venues. He continues to sing, write and travel around the country, much like he did when aboard a Greyhound bus.

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