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Kid Rock is a widely known American musical sensation. He’s been a powerhouse in the United States and around the world for many years now. The star is going on tour again this year. This upcoming effort is called the “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour.” It’s going to commence in New England at the start of August. Maine Kid Rock fans will be able to check it out immediately. The tour will last until November. There will be various other acts gracing the stage with Kid Rock. Wheeler Walker Jr. and Brantley Gilbert are two examples. Clayton Hutson is going to be teaming up with Kid Rock, too. He’s the performer’s latest production manager selection.

Hutson is no newbie to the big world of Kid Rock. He already handled stage manager duties for the artist in 2018. He was a big part of the “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour” team. Hutson is a diligent professional who always goes above and beyond to get great results for his performers. He comes across major dilemmas of all kinds on a frequent basis. They don’t ever get him down, though. He sometimes has to deal with issues that involve production equipment pieces and tools.


Hutson is an individual who always many things on his daily agenda, to say the least. He’s not someone people just see waiting around for things. He often lacks the chance to process his jam-packed career in the middle of outings on the road. He just worked on a tour that was called “Soul2Soul.” This tour catered to fans of country music power players Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.


Music is a subject that’s always been intensely familiar to Hutson. He’s cared deeply about all things musical for his entire life. He devoted a lot of energy to thinking about music when he was merely a youngster. Hutson knows precisely how fortunate he is in his career as well. He knows that there are many people who are unable to go after their vocational aspirations.


Hutson lives in Nashville in Tennessee. He used to live in the Midwestern part of the United States, though. He has established an event production firm by the name of Ronin Event Creative. Hutson is a man who is perpetually on the go. That doesn’t ever stop him from working in a painstaking manner to enhance operations with Ronin Event Creative.

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Alex Pall With the Chainsmokers.

In an interview published on July 28, 2016, Mathias Rosenzweig sat down with the popular band “The Chainsmokers”. Consisting of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart.

During the interview they took time to discuss how they started, how they knew they would work well together, and the different struggles they would have to face in their genre of music.

An employee of Alex’s manager is the one to be thanked for starting this DJ duo. He knew that Alex was flying solo after he had let go of his last partner. So he had told Andrew, who was interning at Interscope, he needed to go, and he went.

Both Alex and Andrew started out as having DJing as a side gig. While Alex was the one taking on DJ gigs, Andrew bought his producing skills to the table. Alex moved to New York City when he decided to take his career to the next level. Andrew, from Syracuse to The Big Apple once they decided to team up.

In the interview they go on to discuss how it “was love at first sight”. They both had the same type of goals, same attitude and determination. They agreed that it was a constant journey to self-discovery.

Rosenzweig asks if it was difficult to form an identity in the electronic genre. They state there are some difficulties, because they started out formating and recovering the same song thirty different times, just to find their strong suits. After doing that for a while and gaining a little insight on howto best showoff their best music features, they decided to kick it in high gear and create their own music.

When they started the creation of “Closer”, they got to work with the well known artist, Halsey. Alex shares his absolute love for the artist! He adores her creativity and unique personality. The song came from Andrew and one of their friends just riding on the tour bus. They wanted to sing about “shit that really happens” and thus, the unsexy, sex song was born.

At the end of this interview, they state they will continue to push new boundaries to create the music we want to hear.

Clayton Hutson Makes World Music Tours Possible

If you are a major band or singer in the music industry that wants to tour the world, who would you go to? Based on a recent interview with The Bro Talk, Clayton Hutson would be the man to go to.

Hutson in 2005 did a tour of Europe Australia and North America as a monitor engineer. He did a tour with a band called One Republic and the tour was called the Hone Civic Tour. This tour went to Asia and North America in the months of July, August, and September.

According to this interview, Hutson started his own business after developing a number of marketable skills. After a recession, he thought it would be a good time to use his skills to create his own company. He knew that starting his own business would be risky, but he had enough confidence in his talents that he would be successful.

Hutson attracts new clients based on his reputation. His good reputation comes from being careful about what he does and working long efficient hours. They also like his dedication and professionalism. His reputation also encourages his clients to recommend him to other potential clients.

Hutson does have certain habits that allow his business to succeed. One habit that helps him succeed is that he goes over and over the work until it is perfect. He knows that if he makes just one mistake or a series of mistakes, his hard-earned reputation could be damaged beyond repair. Another habit that helps him is that he lists every task and chore that he has to perform for a particular day or tour. Another habit is using his imagination to create a picture of a particular venue and always thinking about projects that are coming up.

The success of his business also comes from the fact that he has been passionate about music since he was a child. He used that passion to make a career in music. It certainly helped that he worked with high-profile clients like Pink, Guns and Roses and Kelly Clarkson before starting his business.

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