The Impressiveness of WEN by Chaz Hair Conditioner

You have probably been exposed to infomercials on QVC of many hair care lines and one that you have certainly come across is Wen Hair Care line. Emily McClure, who is a hair care enthusiast decided to put to experiment one of WEN’s products on her hair. The product was’s Wen sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner; this is an all in one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment. She chose the Fig Version. (This was written at ) The amount to be used when starting the process is determined by your hair type. These are the recommendations given;

I. Long hair 24-32 pumps

II. Medium hair 16-24 pumps

III. Short hair 10-16 pumps

These are actually large amounts when compared with other cleansing conditions. She applied it on her hair and massaged it all over her scalp. She then let it stay like that for a few minutes the rinsed it. What she noticed was that the WEN conditioner seemed to have made her hair thicker and less strands fall off while she showered. Click here for more information

After taking the shower she blow-dried and was pleased by what she saw. Her hair looked shiny and showy. They were softer and the waves fell quickly. She was able to get compliments on her hair from friends and colleagues. WEN cleansing conditioner goes for $32 on

WEN is a Hair Care line that was founded by stylist Chaz Dean. It was started as an alternative method for people to use when cleansing their hair. What really makes it unique is that it is 5 in 1. This means it is your conditioner, deep conditioner, shampoo, leave-in conditioner and detangler. IT cleans the hair very well and does not have the harsh sulfates found in most shampoos. You can access them by ordering them online.