Using the SEC Whistleblower Program

The SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) is a federal agency of the United States government which aims to maintain the fair and orderly function of securities markets. Investigations by the SEC into suspicious activities are a long process, sometimes taking years and the agency is only able to investigate a couple thousand cases at a time. To help this agency enforce laws and regulations on an industry which is secretive by nature, they rely on tips from industry insiders. To help bring more quality leads, the Whistleblower program was established which provides monetary rewards to individuals who provide the SEC tips which result in sanctions exceeding $1 million. This money can be substantial, as the SEC pays out between 10-30% of the sanctions that are rendered. Partly because of this program, the SEC receives more than 20,000 tips annually, with almost a quarter of these coming through the SEC Whistleblower program.

Because of the nature of whistle blowing, there are regulations in place which provide employment protections which safeguard from retaliation from employers as well as anonymous reporting. Eligibility to report to the SEC is virtually anyone, including individuals of another nationality than the United States.

The decision to provide information on illegal activity on employers or co-workers can put an individual in a difficult situation. Because of this, strong anti-retaliation protections have been put in place. These regulations protect the individual or group of individuals from even indirect action against them such as; dismissal, demotion, harassment, threats, or any action which can be distinguished as discrimination. These protections even apply if there is no legal action is brought by the SEC as long as the tip reasonably relates to possible violations.

The option for anonymous reporting aspect of the SEC whistleblower program was put in place to assist in mitigating the fear and anxiety for individuals and to increase the number of tips submitted. For an individual or group of individuals to file anonymously, a lawyer must be used as representation and the reporting party must verify their identity with the representing lawyer. This attorney will, along with advising and acting as a protective barrier between the identity of the individual and the SEC, advocate for the highest payout possible in the event of a tip being eligible for a payout. It is worth noting that before a payout resulting from a qualifying tip is paid, the individual(s) must provide their identity to the SEC.

If a person is aware of SEC violations, the best procedure is to obtain the counsel of an attorney who works or specializes in this field and begin the process of submitting a tip through the SEC Whistleblower program. Despite the process potentially taking anywhere from two to four years, the regulations in place to protect reporters and the monetary rewards make it a worthwhile endeavour.


Ricardo Tosto: Brilliant Brazilian Lawyer

In Brazil, the legal profession is regulated by a body called Brazilian Bar Association. This is the body of that seeks to streamline the operation of the profession in the country. Legal fraternity plays a crucial role in a country. It is one of the sectors that cannot be self-regulated. There is too much risk involved in such a case. The body must ensure everyone in the society conducts themselves according to the needs of the society. Lawyers should uphold integrity since their role sometimes involves keeping secrets for the clients.

In Brazil, for one to become a lawyer, you must first take a five years course in a reputable and recognized university in the country. You then must go to a law school. At the law schools, one is trained on how to carry out his or her role as a lawyer. At the end of the law school, you will be required to sit for a bar exam which will be used to determine if one qualifies to be a lawyer or not. Only those who pass the bar exam are given an opportunity to practice law.

In Brazil, the number of lawyers is way above those of almost every nation in the world. Brazil is ranked among the top three countries with the highest number of law graduates. The country also has the higher number of law schools in the world. This is part of the reason why there are so many lawyers in the country. The good thing is that among the many lawyers to be found in the country, there is a good number of them that are highly trained and ready to serve clients with diligence. One such lawyer is Ricardo Tosto.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a graduate of Mackenzie University. He is one of the best lawyers you will find in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto has qualified as a lawyer according to the conditions set by the Bar Association. Ricardo Tosto has represented many clients in the country and has a very good winning rate. He has represented some of the biggest organizations in the country such as banks and non-governmental organizations.

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How Cone Marshall Has Grown To Rank Among The Best

Law is a diverse field and there are many things that law firms can work on. Some firms prefer to work on all types of cases while others choose to establish a service on a specified area. This is what Cone Marshall is known for. The firm has specialized in estate, trust and tax law and over the years has developed a strong team of professional experienced in the industry.


In New Zealand, Cone Marshall is among the most successful law firms simply because it has the highest number of clients looking for help to solve cases of commercial litigation. The reason they have been receiving many applications from clients is due to the quality that has been instilled. Cone Marshall has employed experienced professionals who are also updated on current changes in the industry to offer clients the best services. The firm offers the best procedures of resolving problems across the entire country.


During the time Cone Marshall was incepted in 1999, there was little support from the government for law firms to advance their practice. This went on for few years and there were several difficulties before in 2005 things started changing. From 2005, Cone Marshall has recorded an upward curve of development. The efficiency and quality that has been achieved over that period has attracted clients from different countries, who have benefited from the commercial litigation support the firm has been offering.


In the last one decade, Cone Marshall has spent a lot on installing a new technological infrastructure that allows clients to access their orders online. The system has allowed a faster processing of cases and has enhanced accuracy levels. It also allows clients to present their files and vital information without having to physically travel to the offices of the firm.


About the leaders behind the success

It is vital to appreciate the professionals who have taken part in building the firm to become among the leaders in the industry. Karen Marshall is a professional who has sacrificed a lot to developing Cone Marshall during the 10 years she has offered her services. She holds an executive position as the principal and has come up with unique ideas that have helped Cone Marshall to proceed towards the attainment of success. Karen Marshall works under the supervision of Geoffrey Cone, a law veteran whose presence at Cone Marshall has boosted the management team to draft winning policies.

George Gascon fined for soliciting donations

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon is being forced to pay $4,000 in fines to the Ethics Commission for soliciting donations at a campaign fundraiser. His Assistant District Attorney, Michael Swart, and his chief of staff, Cristine Soto DeBerry, are also being fined to the tune of $1,400 each.

At the campaign fundraiser, Gascon allegedly attempted to solicit donations from employees of the city at a fundraiser for his upcoming campaign, and things aren’t looking too good for Gascon or his camp after he was sued in January after a long-time investigative assistant claimed that an employee of Gascon’s office used a racial slur (specifically “the n-word”).

Unfortunately for Gascon and his camp, these aren’t the only past misfortunes of thi group of politicians. Two months later, in March, reports came out that the San Francisco Police Union were making claims that Gascon made drunken, offensive remarks towards minorities as well as many members of the police union. This report was the latest in a long-standing feud between Gascon’s camp and the police union, but coming off the claims of one of Gascon’s employees using the n-word toward a long time investigative assistant, Gascon and his camp looked to be in hot water.

And now, Gascon is finally paying the price for his mistakes, but is the price high enough? Altogether, the politicians paid $7,800 for their misdoings (which Gascon and his camp claim they didn’t know were violations), but if Gascon is still running his campaign, does it really matter how much he’s been fined? After making so many mistaked, it’s hard to believe that Gascon still holds power, and its even harder to believe that a politician as seasoned and experienced as he is doesn’t know what is and isn’t against the rules.

To be the district attorney, Gascon doesn’t seem to be too sure of the rules, let alone the laws – after both he (drunkenly) and his employees (soberly) have reportedly made disparaging remarks against minorities as well as those that work for them – along with breaking the law while trying to stay in office – who’s to say that this menace will stop should he do so?


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