Latino Sensation Norka Luque Is One Of The Best Singers In Music Today

What makes a good singer great? The music people think talent, exposure, help, and luck are the defining qualities that separate good from great. Those qualities are important, but there is something invisible, something subjective and something spiritual that creates greatness. Not all singers have all the qualities, but Venezuelan singing artist Norka Luque has all of them and more. Norka is destined to be one of the top Latino singers of all time, according to people like Emilio Estefan, Luigi Giraldo, and Archie Pena. Those men should know. That have worked with the top female vocalists in the Latino community for years. Estefan married Gloria Fajardo. Fajardo became Gloria Estefan, one of best Latino singers of all time. Emilio, Archie, and Luigi have also worked with Shakira, Natalia Jiménez, and Gloria Trevi as well as other great Latino artists. The three men agree that Norka Luque is destined to be the next Gloria Estefan even though their music preferences are completely different.

Norka was born in Venezuela, and she grew up in Caracas. Her idol was Shakira when she was younger, and she promised herself she would meet Shakira one day. Norka made that promise come true when she recorded her first album with Emilio and his team. Norka also met Gloria Estefan, and they became friends. The critics loved Norka’s first album. The first single released from that album put her in contention for the best female vocalist of the year award, in 2011. The second cut from the album stayed on the music charts in the United States, South America, and Puerto Rico long enough to give Norka national exposure in all of those markets.

Great singing artists are not defined by one album. Great artists have several albums in the marketplace and Norka is working toward that end with Estefan and company. But it’s easy to get burnt out in the music business. In order to be recognized concerts, guest appearances on local and national TV and positive articles must be part of the everyday grind to the top where everyone knows your name and your music. Norka isn’t stopping till she gets there.

Norka knows that patience and good advice are the keys to success. She learned how to be patient when she was in France going to school, and she learned how to follow good advice from her parents that pushed her to take vocal and piano lessons. Norka Luque has all the ingredients to be a superstar. All she needs is a little more time.

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