The Lovaganza Announcement that Revealed New Dates for the Global Celebrations

Recently, the global entertainment brand, Lovaganza, unveiled a change in the dates of its highly awaited global celebrations. The celebrations, which were previously scheduled for 2015, are set to take place between the month of May and September in 2020.

The Lovaganza 2020 International Celebrations

The Lovaganza 2020 celebrations, which are propelled by the theme of embarking on a Bohemian adventure, will take place in eight flagship areas around the world simultaneously. Some of the already established locations include Oceania, Asia, America, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Lovaganza expects the celebrations to display all the cultures of the world through revolutionary and overwhelming entertainment derived from live events or performances, numerous exhibitions, immersive attractions and motions pictures just to name a few.

Lovaganza pushed the events to 2020 to make better utilization of emerging entertainment technologies and integrate new innovative concepts in a bid to realize the experience of being part of distinct cultures around the globe. An exceptional Hands Across the World ceremony will mark the close of the four months events.

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Preparation Plans for 2020 Celebrations

The Traveling show, which is the preliminary schedule for 2020, is expected to start in 2017 with a mission to promote the anticipated celebrations. During the Traveling Show on, Lovaganza plans to showcase a sample of its cinematic glasses-free 3D experience around the globe. Further, the Traveling show will host the release of three top motion pictures to be displayed in 2D and 3D theaters. The filming of the motion pictures trilogy has already started in various countries such as United States, France and Spain before resuming in other parts of the world including India and Africa.


The Lovaganza planning and branding protocols are structured in two different divisions, which comprise of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise as well as The Lovaganza Foundation. The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is an entertainment brand designed for profit purposes. It comes up with global entertainment derived from the discovery of every culture’s unique ancient knowledge, customs as well as beauty. It develops its entertainment in a bid to inspire humanity towards abundance, unity and peace.

On the other hand, the Lovaganza Foundation is a non-profit entity that plans to open officially in 2018.The official opening is scheduled for 2018 in a bid to be well-compliant and prepared in every aspect and all locations. It aims at utilizing the visibility, success and accomplishments of Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise to deliver positive impact while supporting regional as well as global initiatives around the globe.

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.