The Top CEO who Heads a Disaster Relief Company in the United States- Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes heads the Green Structure Housing (GSH) organization as its Chief Executive Officer. GSH is a disaster relief construction organization that specializes in building on-site and modular homes for the affected victims. Barbara who is the CEO, and her husband who serves as the COO of the company, together have 30 years of experience in the housing projects. This includes the excellent engineering from the development of the foundation, installation, and the inspection of the structures. Further, the GSH modular homes are made with steel and wooden frames fitted with the latest novel technology. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

About Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes, who is a mother to three, attended the Mercer University where she did a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. While at the university, Barbara also studied Structures and Properties, Manufacturing and Management, Thermodynamics, and Technical Communication. After receiving her education, Barbara worked in two organizations before starting her own company with her husband Scott Stokes at GSH. She worked in Boeing and Pisces Corporation besides being involved in government contracting where she gained extensive experience in manufacturing and other fields.


About The Green Structure Homes

The GSH which is located in Huntsville, Alabama was founded in 2008 as a disaster relief company. Apart from providing the basic house relief facilities to the victims, the GSH also works in partnership with other private organizations such as FEMA and the government. What’s more, with Barbara stokes at the helm, the company has grown over the years where it offers quality products that are unparalleled to its counterparts in the sector. GSH employs structural designs that incorporate home architecture which is built in the fastest way possible while also ensuring that the homes constructed constitutes of energy saving mechanism.

Furthermore, GSH has its presence in several states where the company has created employment for many individuals. Again, while the company is already in Alabama and Cullen states, it is further venturing into eight more states which include Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Minnesota and among the others. In addition, the company is expanding due to the awarded contract by FEMA of $28.5 million. This is in line with the company’s mission of fulfilling their support to individuals affected by the natural disasters such as the recent hurricanes experienced in the United States. Read more at Business Insider.