Michael Zomber And A Passion For The Samurai

Michael Zomber does more than just collect antique arms. He focuses on the stories of those arms and the people who wielded them. With numerous writing credits and TV appearances, Zomber has earned a reputation as an international expert of samurai swords, as well as the culture of the famed Japanese warrior caste.

Born in Washington D.C., Zomber earned a B.A. and a master’s in English Literature from UCLA, along with another bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He has spent over forty years building his collection of antique arms and armor. Because of his expertise and passion, Zomber has been invited as a guest on numerous episodes of History Channel’s Tales of the Gun, including “Guns of the Orient.” He has also written several screenplays, including the documentary Soul of the Samurai. Beyond writing the script for that documentary, Zomber also put his expertise to use with set design and obtaining the correct props. If that wasn’t enough, Zomber has published several historical novels, including Shogun Iemitsu.

Zomber’s interest in antique arms goes beyond Japan. He is also considered an expert in weapons and armor used by the United States, as well as European and Islamic countries, from the 16th Century through the 19th Century. He currently lives in the Philadelphia area with his wife and two children.  Read more about Zomber on CrunchBase.