Eric Lefkofsky Aims to Defeat Cancer by Crunching the Numbers

Eric Lefkofsky has always been a man interested in data, but it wasn’t until his wife was diagnosed with the disease that he sat up and took notice of the lack of data available in the study and treatment of successful cancer treatments.

Sitting in various clinics as his wife was undergoing treatment left Eric with many questions for the medical staff, however, his questions were answered by blank stares due to lack of data on hand. One may wonder what data Lefkofsky was in search of because the average person doesn’t think of data while escorting their loved ones to cancer centers, but he did. Comparable data amongst patients with the same type cancers was rare if not undocumented at all. Data such as, why do only 60% of patients respond to certain chemotherapies or what age bracket are they in? Perhaps the medications they are already on are impacting them somehow? These and many more questions drove Eric Lefkofsky to find a solution so that cancer patients could receive accurate and therefore effective treatments.

The Journey of Tempus Begins

As a co-founder of Tempus, Erics goal was to answer his own questions in order to help the researchers and clinicians who treat cancer patients everyday. He voiced his concerns over the lack of a data base by stating, “The underlying infrastructure that researchers and clinicians were relying on was broken.”
Tempus therefore evolved naturally to help fix a broken medical data system. Tempus had the resources and the desire both personally and as a philanthropic endeavor to help find a better way to treat cancers.

Erics desire to help fix this broken data system led to his decision to use his expertise with data collection, streamline it, fill in all the important blanks and share this information with the medical community so that they in turn could treat cancer efficiently for individuals and do it faster too. To learn more about us: click here.

Eric Lefkofsky may have begun his journey to help one person but in real time he is helping individuals who are suffering from cancer to lead more rewarding lives while being treated.

How Life Line Screening Improves Lives

Life Line Screening is privately run and deals with the early detection of diseases before they reach critical stages. Life Line Screening company founded in 1993, and it is based in Austin, Texas. Life Line Screening was established in Florida by Collin Scully and Timothy. The company has since expanded across the United Kingdom and USA. Life Line Screening has also partnered with numerous insurance companies, hospitals, as well as organizations like Mission Hospital, Ameriplan, and Carolina Vascular among others. Life Line Screening’s mission is to make individuals aware of unrecognized issues health issues after, which the firm encourages individuals to seek care and treatment with their physician. Besides, the organization has a vigorous marketing campaign and publications that help in reaching out the present benefits Life Line Screening.

Life Line Screening has carried out various pieces of medical research. For instance, the company conducted a clinical research that used data from three million participants who were evaluated for the presence of AAA using ultrasound imaging. Besides, the firm had partnered with Oxford University to conduct clinical research on cardiovascular diseases such as abdominal aortic aneurysm between 2008 to 2012 across Ireland and the United Kingdom. Life Line Screening is different from the standard checkup or yearly physical in that it utilizes a unique algorithm. The algorithm considers each patient’s fitness for screening before the tests are done.

The Testing That Life Line Screening Offers

Life Line Screening has a wide variety of non-invasive screening methods to evaluate the risk factors of each patient as well as the likelihood of suffering from cardiovascular issues. Some of these tests include screening for osteoporosis and ultrasounds that are painless for carotid arteries and abdominal aorta. Also, Life Line Screening has ultrasounds of the brachial ankle index, which helps in knowing when a patient is suffering from a peripheral vascular disease. Moreover, the company has EKG screenings to detect the probability of suffering from types of strokes known as atrial fibrillation. Furthermore, Life Line Screening carries out a wide variety of blood tests that can be used various cardiovascular issues early even before they cause symptoms.

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USHEALTH Group – The Best Insurance

USHEALTH Group is a health insurance company based in the USA. It has many other integrated companies that work together to promote health in the United States of America. These health insurance companies work together in providing critical and valuable health coverage insurance services. They are specialized in dealing with specific diseases.

They also give cover to victims of various accidents and other disabilities. The insurance is given to either groups or individuals. This insurance company has been serving for about 60 years ago. This is an indicator that it has gained more experience needed in this field. Here are the factors that have contributed to the stability of USHEALTH Group.

It has flexible terms and condition that caters for all people despite their income. In insuring diseases, the company understands that they are not predictable as well as not all of us earn a sustainable income. In this case, they allow an individual to choose a medical insurance that favors his or her pocket. You will automatically choose something you will be able to meet its term and condition.

Those who have unpredictable income or they are on a limited budget; you are given a chance to negotiate and pay you insurance at your appropriate time. I think, and I believe this is what has kept this company going. Where can you find such a privilege?

Another key factor in the USHEALTH Insurance Company is that it allows cost sharing. For instance, you got a small amount, and you want more vivid coverage on either health the company will clear the rest after you meet their terms. This shows that this group is geared to customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the action of the company is almost 100%. This is because when you get into any of the problems covered they react quickly by releasing the required services at the right time. Other companies might delay until you pay yourself only and only take action later on.

They say services should be directly proportional to the amount of money you pay. In USHEALTH they have gone beyond this because they provide more than expected.


Choosing a Medicare advantage plan that suits your health needs

Medicare Advantage plans are a refurbishment of the services that were provided by the original Medicare. However, Medicare Advantage plans do not cover for people who have a terminal illness. Medicare advantage schemes cater for emergency care of their clients.

Medicare Advantage plans differ from the original Medicare in that, the insurance plans are provided by private organizations whereas the original Medicare was provided by the federal state. Services provided by Medicare Advantage plans on may differ depending on the provider and the type of scheme you may choose to enroll.

Medicare Advantage plans may not cover the costs of services that are not medically necessary. For this reason, it is important that a client confirms the kind of healthcare services they will benefit from choosing a plan.

In other cases, a Medicare Advantage plan may cater for more benefits that were not included in the original Medicare. Clients may get services on dental care, eye care, and ear care. In some occasions, they may receive yearly medical checkups.

When making a decision regarding the type of Medicare Advantage plan to enter into, it is suggested that you first acquire a written plan detailing the kind of services covered by the scheme and the various rules and regulations concerning the care. This is because the different plans cater for different services. Moreover, the rules change according to the insurance provider.

InnovaCare Health is amongst the leading service providers of Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice service. The organization is managed by Rick Shinto its CEO and president. Dr. Shinto has over 20 years of experience working for different healthcare organizations.

Rick Shinto is assisted by the Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. Ms. Penelope Kokkinides also has a wealth of skills acquired over a period of 20 years she has been working in the healthcare industry. She is also able to excel in her role as an administrator in the health care industry because her working experience is supported by a firm scholarly background. Her academic achievements include a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and a master’s degree in public health.

Due to its leaders’ visionary approach to leadership, InnovaCare has remained on top of others in providing services that match the needs of its customers. Their health plans are among the most affordable in the industry. To improve the quality of services, InnovaCare operates MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice Advantage plans. Their quality of services has attracted more than 200,000 clients.