Waiakea Water- Unique water brand

Waiakea water is a bottled water company based in Hawaii. It is a brand that stands above all others in the industry. What makes it be on top of others is that it is superior in terms of quality. It also has one advantage over others; it sold in degradable bottles. This is something that you cannot find with other companies. As a company that prides itself in environmental protection, this is the best proof that it means every promise they make. It has also been verified by as Carbon Neutral since they use vehicles that produce small amounts of carbon in supply. To add on top, the company has committed three percent of the revenue they make to community projects. They want to help the community become better through environmental conservation. They have also made a commitment to support people living in drought-stricken areas in Africa, for every little of water that is purchased, they are providing a week’s supply of clean water in Malawi.

Waiakea will become the first water company to sell water in 100 percent degradable bottles. It is the first time that such a thing is happening in the world. It is estimated that the bottles they will be manufacturing will degrade in 15 years, unlike other plastics that take over 1000 years to decompose. It is not possible to find another brand of water that cares about the environments and their customers such as Waiakea. If you would like to benefit from a superior brand, then this is the brand to go for. Waiakea has managed to eclipse other companies by doing something that has never been implemented in the past.

Another thing that makes brand superior is that it is Hawaiian volcanic water. Hawaii is one of the cleanest places on earth and therefore getting water from such as place makes a huge difference. Anything from Hawaii is associated with being natural. Waiakea water has lived up to that perception since it gets its water directly from the volcanic mountains of Hawaii, the water is naturally filtered as it comes down the Mauna Loa Volcano.


Sightsavers: Helping the Nearly Blind to See Again

Sight is wonderful sense that all people should be grateful to have. When a person can see, they have many advantages in life. Sight is arguably the best sense that people have. However, there are many people who are in danger of losing this precious gift. Thankfully, organizations such as Sightsavers are available to help prevent blindness in people all over the world.


Sightsavers primarily helps people in developing countries to maintain their sight. They are headquartered in Haywards Heath. This is a town that can be found within the U.K. in England. The charity was started in 1950 by Sir John Wilson. He originally named the organization the British Empire Society for the Blind. Sightsavers has locations within other countries such as the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Italy and in India.


Sightsavers estimates that nearly 80% of all cases involving blindness is preventable. Many people in third-world or developing nations simply do not have the resources to prevent this condition. At least 265 million people have been treated since this organization began in 1950. They also performed over 7 million surgeries to help save peoples site. They have even helped people to regain their eyesight.

There is a huge network of workers at Sightsavers. These workers make it possible for the organization to carry out its work in the third world and developing countries. The organization trains at least 150,000 eye care specialists, primary eye care workers and community volunteers. The community volunteers are extremely important because these individuals go directly to the people to discover if people are suffering from some type of eye condition. They know the remote areas, villages, and people within isolated communities who might need help.


In some cases, workers are given a drug to prevent river blindness. They have to carefully control this substance and keep track of the people they treat. Volunteer workers are on the front lines with preventing eye conditions among disenfranchised people. People that are in need of emergency eye treatment can receive it right away in the form of surgery or advance eye care procedures. Sightsavers was placed at the top of the list for charities in 2016 by the charity evaluation organization Give Well. They were recognized for their outstanding work related to blindness prevention and healing.


Amicus Therapeutics; Passion and Progress in Combating Rare Disease

Amicus Therapeutics is dedicated to staying in the vanguard of modern biotechnology-based therapy. Since 2002, we have continuously pushed forward in the development of cutting-edge treatment to combat a variety of disorders. Our primary focus has been on rare and orphan diseases, with particular attention given to Lysosomal Storage Disorders, Epidermolysis Bullosa, and CDKL5 Deficiency. Utilizing Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy, (CHARTtm), to develop a host of enzyme replacement therapies, Amicus Therapeutics has positioned itself as a leader in the world of small molecule pharmacological chaperones.Lysosomal Storage Disorders, Epidermolysis Bullosa, and CDKL5 Deficiency


Through a great deal of hard work, research and development, Amicus Therapeutics has grown and evolved to become a leading innovator in the fight against rare disease (YourBeautyCraze). Widely recognized as holding one of the broadest portfolios of small molecule pharmacological chaperones in the industry, our team strives to support the rare disease community on multiple fronts. Our approach to patient advocacy includes a four-fold approach to healing that includes:


Direct and sustained contact with patients and their families, such that two way communication is established for the benefit of all involved. We take the time to learn from our patients and their families and we help them.


-Constant research to improve our current therapies, and to create new ones.


-Soliciting and utilizing patient input during development and trial processes of out therapies.


-Providing up to date resources for all our patients and their families, which help them to navigate the day to day challenges of combating a rare disease.


Amicus Therapeutics also actively seeks out opportunities to help educate the broader community about the realities of rare diseases. In doing this, we are able to create a more comprehensive support network to benefit those who are currently combating a rare disease. We believe that healing is something that must happen on multiple levels, which requires efforts above and beyond simply treating the symptoms of an illness.


We understand the challenges and the difficulties of coping with a rare disease. There is no single checklist that every patient may follow to recover, or maintain their quality of life. Amicus Therapeutics sees every patient as an individual with unique needs. Our mission, and our passion, is to meet these needs for everyone who must cope with the challenges of a rare disease.

More about Amicus Therapeutics at http://www.gcreport.com/amicus-therapeutics-announces-new-drug-application/