Clay Siegall leads to Seattle to the future of Genetics

Seattle Genetics was founded successfully in 1988 by a scientist named Clay Siegall. Until today it is still relevant in the industry, providing advancement in biotechnology through drug designing and development. The company withstood all the test of time till date, and it’s evident through the positive data that it produces.

Treatment of cancer that involves breast and the solid tumor has been tough to treat, but with the resources and commitment at the Seattle Genetics trial concluded recently, including the Breast Cancer Symposium held in San Antonio there is much to anticipate.

Seattle Genetics has ADCRETIS for the treatment of lymphomas like the Hodgkin and the lymphoma affecting the large cells. Additionally, the drug has been distributed in more than 60 nations around the world. Currently, the company completed their trials successfully, and all four individual tested got cured of the solid tumor affecting them. They used the monoclonal antibody technology by LIV-1 target drugs. The medicine works by the principle of denaturing, and already it has gathered an impressive 37% from the trial.

Clay Siegall launched the company back in 1988 at Bothell, Washington. His inspiration comes from the fact that he lost his father due to cancer. Helplessly, he watched him die because at the time the advancement in the field of oncology wasn’t enough to save his life. So he dedicated his time, effort and intellectual in building a company which will offer a solution, Seattle Genetics.

His vast knowledge in biotechnology comes out evidently on how he handles the community. Besides chairing the Settle Genetic, he is a board of director at the Ultragenyx. He is a member to the Biopharmaceutical not to mention the Washington Roundtable.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in zoology and a doctorate PhD in genetic from the University of Maryland and Washington respectively. Until today he owns at least 15 patents and 70 publications written by him.