The Fine Hair Journey With WEN

People with fine hair faces many challenges just like people with coarser hair do. But; the range between the two is so different. Fine hair is fragile. Harsh chemicals found in shampoos can further destroy the luster that healthy hair has. So fine hair needs to be babied. With so many reviews on crunchbase, how are we to know that WEN is legitimate. Bustle did a piece on a woman that put WEN to the test with her fine, straight locks.

Her common complaint was that she had oily, flat hair by the end of the day. She knew that her fine, straight hair would lose the volume she achieved that morning by the end of the day. That part didn’t bother her; she didn’t want her hair to appear dirty before her day was over with. On day 1, she was pleasantly relieved at the final results. Her hair felt amazing just after one shampoo. That made the start of her journey more exciting and she was anxious what each day with WEN would hold. By the end of the week she decided WEN Hair was great for those that didn’t mind washing their hair daily. She found that her hair felt and looked healthier by using the QVC advertised WEN.

WEN by Chaz Dean is very simple to use. Dean created this product so that everyone could get the same results that his celebrity clients do at an affordable cost. It is easy to use and while you wash your hair you use the suggested amount per the WEN instructions. To give that added leave in conditioner for drier hair types, you can apply a small amount of WEN to the tips of the hair. This is a cleanser, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner, and leave in conditioner in one bottle.

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