The Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank

SoftBank is a Japanese firm that has been operating for decades. The management of the company has always focused on growing it and has succeeded. It has continued to record better financial results for years. The acquisition of Fortress Investment Group is instrumental in its endeavors to become a global investment firm. The transaction was valued at $3.3 billion. The company started as a wholesale dealer of PC software. In the next decade, it ventured into computer trade shows and publishing computer-related magazines. It gained global recognition after the acquisition of Yahoo in 1996. Over the years, it has invested in over 400 internet firms around the globe.

Fortress Investment Group has a strong team of leaders that has provided the right direction. One of the main specialties of Fortress Investment Group is private equity. The line of business was introduced by Wes Edens and Randy Nardone, 20 years ago. The area requires value-oriented investment strategies. It accepts investments from several industries. Some of the main areas which it has focused on include finance, transport, infrastructure, and Healthcare. Peter Briger is the brain behind the firm’s credit business. Over the years, the segment has grown and now consists of more than 500 professionals. The team has been keen to identify viable investments globally. One of the main areas of interest includes under-valued investments and distressed credit investments. Peter Briger is the Chief Investment Officer.

Fortress Investment Group has an asset management team consisting of more than 100 specialists who operate in 14 different locations. In 2007, the firm went public, becoming the first in the industry to do so. According to the acquisition agreement between the investment group and SoftBank, the acquired firm would operate independently and its management team would stay intact. The company has gained a reputation for its success in facilitating mergers and acquisitions for firms at different levels. The employees of the organization have gained vast experience in the processes for interacting with corporate board members and key stakeholders. You can also seek assistance from the firm in matters related to the capital markets such as organizing for debt and equity financing.

Madison Street Capital gives the best advice to its clients

Giving proper advice to businesses to achieve success is not easy at all and requires dedication and experience. But recently firms have increased that are providing financial advice to organizations. The market today is competitive and requires professionals who can understand what is happening and the best way to achieve success in such a market. The competition has been becoming intense with the entry of other companies and advancement of technology. When it comes to looking for a financial advisory firm, businesses find themselves with many options because there are thousands of these companies claiming to offer the best services. When it comes to choosing the best financial advisory firm you should consider Madison Street Capital because it has been one of the best in the world.



Madison Street Capital is a company that deals with middle market investment. It offers various services to its clients who have found the services appealing. For over a decade now, they have been helping clients from different industries. For those years they have been in the industry, they have gained a lot of experience, and they have realized the best way to help them is to offer tailored needs. They comprehend that customers have various strengths and weaknesses too and that is why they strive to understand the needs of a client first before proceeding to help. They aim to capitalize on the areas where a customer is stable and also to look at what should be done in an area where a client is not stable. The professionals who work for the company always take time to assess your needs financially so that they can come up with the best solution.



They offer services ranging from assessment of financial options, business valuation and financial reporting. They also provide services that provide support to mergers and acquisition. They know that to achieve success in all these services, there is the need for understanding the primary role of an organization. For example, Madison Street Capital has had several achievements recently. They successfully helped Napoleon Machine where they helped the client to get the financial help they needed. They understood that Napoleon Machine was in need of best finances to succeed in their business and they offered the best advice. The experts from Napoleon Machine were happy with the work done by Madison Street Capital. They were impressed by their continued support until the transaction was complete.



Madison Street Capital is all about giving the people in the business sector the best services. It is about making them fulfill the goals they have. By working with people who work for the best interests for their clients the company will offer more than just services; they will be family to the clients


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How Mike Burwell Handles A Work Day

Mike Burwell is proud to serve as Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson. But, this is not his first time as a crucial team member with a financial organization. Over the course of three decades, his record with Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s LLP covers everything from working in assurances for business advisory purposes to be the job maker as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer as well. Of course, along the way Burwell has the experience of contributing to that company in partner and leadership roles.


All these big-wig positions follow his graduation from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. And now, his days as a captain of industry start with a rituals that are both simple yet effective in raising his spirits. The first thing making the bed is the first thing he does, which many people can recall doing in their own lives. And then, he does a little exercising. This, not as many do before their work day begins. But most of all, reflection regarding the coming month, weeks and days ahead is the best ritual he practices during the course of his work.


Burwell’s secret method for getting things done around the office is his talent for making sure the people in his team have everything they need to reach optimum proficient. No right idea goes buried while he is in the office. One concept that really excites and interests Michael Burwell as a businessman and executive is B to C marketplace and plug and play technology, because these fields are producing new ideas. This plays very well with the way Mike Burwell does business as his awareness of mindset and belief in technology keep him sharp regarding his individual production. See This Page to learn more.


If there is an app on the market that can make any random person more productive, then he knows something about it. And if not, then he probably knows someone who does. He has this level of intuitive and helpful knowledge through the classic art of listening and being in the moment when building report and committed connections in business. This maybe due to the fact that he believes micro-communities have a real potential to grow in the future given the development of the right technologies. The Michael Burwell strategy for business success is nothing new or even secret. It all comes down to his ability to stay positive and learn as much as possible from every decision.