“Paul Sanders of James River Capital Gives Tips for Avoiding Employee Burnout “

Paul Saunders is the founder of James Rive Capital Corporation in Richmond, Virginia. The company is registered as an Investment Advisor with the SEC. They also are a Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator with the CFTC. On July 1, 2018, the company had over $570 million under their management.

Since he was the founder, he is a Chairman and the company’s current Chief Executive Officer. Given that his company is successful and he has many duties as the head of the company, one would think they that he takes a hands-off approach to the day-to-day activities but this is not true, he is also the company’s portfolio manager.

This proves his passion for the finance industry. As a matter of fact, he started out in the investment banking world but decided that investment and trading suited him more. His reasoning was that the latter of the two focused more on meritocracy instead of hierarchy.

Given his company’s success and the industry he is in, people may be curious about how he avoids burnout for his employees. The first thing he notes is being sure to keep an eye on your employees, noticing signs of burnout. Some of these could include a loss of confidence as the employee continues to second guess themselves. Often times this leads to a full disengagement.

One of the more important things he recommends is not to make the schedule too rigid. He gives his employees ten to fifteen minutes each morning to come up with a list of things they most want to accomplish that day. From there, they can make a schedule that reflects their goals. If they do begin to show signs of burnout, take the time to sit with the employee and help them see their big goal, then help them break it down into smaller, bite-sized goals. Learn more: https://www.levo.com/paul-saunders

He also recommends open communication through transparency. This needs to be on both sides- an employee needs to be able to feel they can come to their manager if there is an issue. Likewise, managers need to give decisions and even explain why if necessary.

The final thing he reminds us is that our employees are people to and, even better, their success is our success.


How Mike Burwell Handles A Work Day

Mike Burwell is proud to serve as Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson. But, this is not his first time as a crucial team member with a financial organization. Over the course of three decades, his record with Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s LLP covers everything from working in assurances for business advisory purposes to be the job maker as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer as well. Of course, along the way Burwell has the experience of contributing to that company in partner and leadership roles.


All these big-wig positions follow his graduation from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. And now, his days as a captain of industry start with a rituals that are both simple yet effective in raising his spirits. The first thing making the bed is the first thing he does, which many people can recall doing in their own lives. And then, he does a little exercising. This, not as many do before their work day begins. But most of all, reflection regarding the coming month, weeks and days ahead is the best ritual he practices during the course of his work.


Burwell’s secret method for getting things done around the office is his talent for making sure the people in his team have everything they need to reach optimum proficient. No right idea goes buried while he is in the office. One concept that really excites and interests Michael Burwell as a businessman and executive is B to C marketplace and plug and play technology, because these fields are producing new ideas. This plays very well with the way Mike Burwell does business as his awareness of mindset and belief in technology keep him sharp regarding his individual production. See This Page to learn more.


If there is an app on the market that can make any random person more productive, then he knows something about it. And if not, then he probably knows someone who does. He has this level of intuitive and helpful knowledge through the classic art of listening and being in the moment when building report and committed connections in business. This maybe due to the fact that he believes micro-communities have a real potential to grow in the future given the development of the right technologies. The Michael Burwell strategy for business success is nothing new or even secret. It all comes down to his ability to stay positive and learn as much as possible from every decision.