Kamil Idris Defines The Role Of Intellectual Property In Shaping State Relations

World Intellectual property Day is an annual celebration that took place on 26th April this year. The World Intellectual Property Organization Director General, Kamil Idris, said this day is set aside to appreciate great artists and inventors who have made our lives more comfortable with the fruits of their inventions. He added that on this day everyone is reminded the importance of protecting and respecting the intellectual property rights. Under his administration, WIPO was determined to spread the power of human imaginations and inventions so that everyone regardless of their locality would have a chance to share in their benevolence.

The IP rights activist believes that Intellectual property was the cause of the current trade war between China and the United States. In his articles, Kamil Idris states that to be successful in the European business world, one has to register their original ideas in the required patent form to the Unified Patent Court before competitors file the patents as theirs. Though registering patents across Europe could be a little difficult because of the different means of verbal communication, the European Patent Office has done a commendable job considering the European Union Member states have 24 different languages.

Professor Kamil Idris agrees with several experts around the globe that intellectual property will not fade away, but instead, new laws protecting new inventions and fresh ideas will be put in place. The European Council and the European Parliament came up with the European Union Trade Secrets Directive in 2016 to concentrate on intellectual property laws to reduce the occurrence of IP problems. The directive also gave businesses with trade secrets a push to function as usual.

The former WIPO director is a Sudanese national and has also headed the International Union for the protection of new varieties of plants (UPOV). Kamil Idris is an LLB honors holder from Khartoum University and has a BA in political science and philosophy from Cairo University. He also has a master in international affairs from Ohio University and a doctorate in international law from the University of Geneva. Kamil developed more interest in intellectual Property when he served as the director general of WIPO.