Marc Beer’s Contribution to Women


For over two and a half decades, Marc Beer has been on the forefront as a seasoned executive and developer in Pharmacy, diagnostic summary as well as biotechnology. He managed to acquire his undergraduate degree from the University of Miami in Ohio where he graduated with a bachelor of Science degree. His ambition to learn and his inquisitive character has played a significant role in propelling him to the epitome of success.



He has gained vast experience in various fields with the most recent one being the position that he held at Aegerion Pharmaceuticals as a Chief Executive Officer as well as a member of the board of directors for the same company. It was under his leadership in 2010 that he played a huge role in making the business venture go public. Among other roles that he played was overseeing the introduction of a new adult drug with the capability of reducing cholesterol from the body.


Beer served under the same capacity at a biotechnological company that dealt mainly with collecting and preserving the blood stem cells of the Umbilical Cord, known as the ViaCell. His seven years stay at the company helped in taking the company from it early brooding stage to a venture with a robust financial base. Furthermore, before joining Viacell, Marc Beer worked for another company, whose main task was producing drugs for the diseases that are not easy to diagnose and treat.


Article Recap

Marc Beer hit the news when he raised forty-two million dollars for the women living with a pelvic floor disorder through his current Company known as Renovia. Renovia is a company based in Boston, and it’s a medtech venture that has set on a mission to develop some therapeutic products as well as diagnostic products to curb the pelvic disorder menace that affects women. The disorders include the incontinences in Urinary. The researchers have estimated that the disease affects over two hundred and fifty million women worldwide. Furthermore, in April 2018, the company’s first product was received by the FDA.


Recently, the Longwood fund, an investment firm that specializes in providing seed fund for healthcare based firms. Therefore, Longwood joined the Series B round when it led to the New York-based advisers as well as the Missouri- Based ventures. The funding would be directed at developing and putting to taste some products. Marc Beer was heard saying that the company was thrilled by the leading healthcare providers in supporting the long journey of making sure that the millions of women are going to benefit from the condition of pelvic floor disorders that have affected them from time to time. Learn more: