Avi Weisfogel Proves Instrumental in Aiding in the Advanced Education of Sleep Apnea

(The original post of this information is September 8, 2016 and originated within the Union, New Jersey area.)

The devastation tied to Sleep Apnea has become quite clear to persons engaged within the profession of healthcare and medicine. The fact is particularly true as it applies to the two preceding years. New investigative medical research has proven assistive in showing the tie-in between that of Sleep Apnea, and very critical conditions, such as Diabetes, Diseases of the Heart, and Stroke. Since the revelation of the critical issues, there has been a renewal, in studies, along with a sense of urgent behaviors, in order to find relative treatments, for the condition referred to as Sleep Apnea. Doctor Avi Weisfogel, the Founder of Dental Sleep Masters, is well-qualified in the treatment of sleep disorders, and works tirelessly, with respect to advancement of the industry.

Doctor Avi Weisfogel of Dental Sleep Masters is the leader with respect to the cause in attaining the proper diagnoses, in the treatment of persons with the condition of Sleep Apnea. It has been estimated, approximately ninety percent of persons, suffering from the Sleep Apnea Disorder, are not diagnosed as having it. Knowledge of the fact makes the issue very urgent. The urgency of the issue requires that it is brought to the forefront. Dr. Weisfogel and his staff at Dental Sleep Masters are interested in providing individual knowledge and education about the critical condition referred to as Sleep Apnea.

The staff at Dental Sleep Masters have put together an updated model, for primary and secondary care providers, including physicians certified with respect to sleep disorders as well as the labs operated by the certified sleep physicians. The model is representative of a larger picture. The model provides better patient care and increases opportunities, to provide that care, within the medical community.

The sleep physicians and medical providers have been joined by doctors of Dentistry in offering clinical support for those persons suffering from the condition. The treatments of Sleep Apnea, are only going to increase, within the years ahead, once more scientific knowledge is acquired. The dentists may discover, a good portion of their respective practices, can be committed to the proper diagnoses and treatment plans with respect to the condition of Sleep Apnea.

Care, on a clinical basis, will continually be encouraged by way of new medical devices, currently in the stages of development. A good many individuals do not respond so well to the mechanical treatments of Sleep Apnea, offered previously. THN therapy is a new device. The therapy was developed by ImThera Medical. The therapy was approved by the FDA, recently, in way of clinical trials and in the form of experimentation.

It is encouraging to note that many alternative treatments are becoming more compact and easier for the user to comprehend. The newer, easier to understand alternative plans, will allow patients to feel much more comfortable, in finding a cure for their condition. Small devices that are implantable, do not require usage of machinery that is disruptive, as to a comfortable night’s sleep. The smaller devices, further, do not require the patient use masks, which for many, prove greatly uncomfortable.

Persons with the condition of Sleep Apnea may awaken up to thirty times, on a nightly basis. Due to the preceding fact, it became quite clear that a treatment was required, able to properly stimulate the muscles of the airway into staying open. The stimulation of the upper airway was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2014. The treatment, too, has been tolerated well by healthcare clients.

The coupling of Dental providers and Medical Personnel is necessary in creating a model of sleep care that is efficacious in the treatment of patients with the condition. Doctor Avi Weisfogel’s model, is significant, in way of finding the right solution that benefits the general populous.

Health care professionals, will discover, by treating persons, who have previously gone, undiagnosed, that their professions, from a business standpoint, will financially prosper, and at the same time, each healthcare provider will be rendering a very significant service to the public.

Notes regarding Dr. Avi Weisfogel:

Doctor Avi Weisfogel, is the medical professional who founded Dental Sleep Masters. Doctor Weisfogel has an extensive background, as it pertains to treatment of sleep issues and sleep disorders. Dr. Weisfogel, in 1999, established his first practice of Dentistry which he named Old Bridge Dental Care. During his tenure, which spanned a period of fifteen years, Dr. Weisfogel earned the respect and recognition from the community, which he so diligently served; including the honored designation of the community’s Best Dentist for several years. Dr. Avi Weisfogel began looking into the subject of sleep and learned, accordingly, how physicians and dentists, alike, could assist clients in receiving positive forms of treatment, as applicable to the sleep disorder condition.

Next, Dr. Weisfogel, founded multiple organizations, within the industry of dental related sleep disorder conditions. He established Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. The establishment was created to further assist Dentists, to enter the world of sleep disorder conditions, by way of using oral appliances, in the treatment of those conditions. Dr. Weisfogel, as the owner of Dental Sleep Masters, makes it a point to draw upon his knowledge of Sleep Apnea. He uses the information to aid Dentists in identifying potential customers and to help clients secure treatments. Doctor Avi Weisfogel earned a BA in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University. He attained a DDS from New York University College of Dentistry.